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Don’t you just miss going to University?

Those sleepless nights, the time, and fun-killing homework? Those things? Especially during this Coronavirus, everyone’s business had been put on hold. Sucks but we just got to keep moving forward.

Speaking of studying and University… how do you like some homework? Like, really, you get to study and/or work at the comfort of your home and get to meet new people, too without even leaving your doorsteps. Sounds fun, you say?

Well, in today’s review article, we are going to talk about this program that is a little popular in affiliate marketing. In our previous post, we kind of explained there what affiliate marketing is and how does it work. You might want to check that out.

Moving on… what is this University that we’re blabbering about?

ClickBank University 2.0- What is it?

earn for a living here
Yes, it is a “University“, but nope, this isn’t the one you’ve been skipping classes at.

ClickBank University is a program that includes two courses created to help affiliate marketers- even newbies create their dream online business. It is designed to help both vendors and affiliates on how to create, promote, and sell digital products online particularly on ClickBank.

You might be wondering, why is there a need to make a 2.0… what happened to the previous version?

We’re guessing that maybe, the creators felt the need to make a new version to revamp something here and there- to provide more for their clients (and future clients), probably.

Of course, not to mention the popularity it has gained over the last successful years.

We’re not being biased here, but for us to get a say about it, we have to read some testimonials and/or reviews that can attest to the functionality of the program.

CBU is a training program, with an active community, and with the sole purpose of assisting sellers to make a living online which has been running for quite some time now. Everybody’s earning, and on top of that, with CBU, you get to learn something new.

CB University 2.0 delivers up-to-date strategies and methods for everyone who wants to try it, and build their ClickBank business quickly and conveniently.

According to the sales page, the creators have performed a major upgrade. They claimed that so many things in the program have changed and that they will keep improving and making it “10x better“.


How Does it Actually Work?

This “University” is specifically designed for those who want to promote their digital products. There are training materials made to guide the “students” on how to actually learn the basic to extreme nerve-wracking crucial “subjects“.

Their mission is to turn you into an “ultra-successful online ClickBank marketer”– whether it is an affiliate or a publisher.

The main purpose is to help vendors and promoters find the right niche for them so they can sell instantly without the hassle of thinking about what to sell. They will do the hard work for you.

That being said, ClickBank Univerity is more focused on sellers so they could sell their products on ClickBank rapidly. If you plan to sign up as an affiliate, you might want to check out other programs, but hey, you might want to keep reading so you’ll get to know the program more. How’s that?

How Much & What’s Inside The Program?

ClickBank University 2.0 is a 2-course training program. These training tracks are the “ClickBank Product Publishing” and “ClickBank Affiliate Mastery“.two separate training tracks

The core curriculum is divided into two parts- the “8-week Affiliate Track” and the “12-week Publisher Track“.

All that for a recurring $47 per month with an upsell of $297 per year. Costly much? Check out what’s inside the program before you decide, will you?

1. Core Curriculum #1: The 8-Week Affiliate Track (Instructor: Adam Horwitz)8-week affiliate track

This module is divided into 8 parts for 8 weeks. This part is great for those people who want to make easy cash for a living by promoting other people’s products. It says this module is the “easiest path to initial success”.

It’s great if:

  1. One has just started out making funds online.
  2. Haven’t generated “tons of cash online yet”.
  3. Don’t want to create a product or a website.

Here are some of the things you can look forward to learning in this module:

  • Affiliate Marketing on ClickBank
  • Understanding the basics of Affiliate Marketing
  • Finding your passion and/or niche
  • How to scale and expand your business

2. Core Curriculum #2: The 12-Week Publisher Track (Instructor: Justin Atlan)12-week publisher track

It is a step-by-step module sliced up into 12 parts for 12 weeks. This module is for the publishers made to teach one how to create their own digital products all from scratch and sell it on ClickBank later.

It’s great if:

  • You want to run a full-blown information publishing business
  • You want to ratchet up your success “to the next level”
  • You want to leverage Clickbank’s massive affiliate network

Here are some of the things you can look forward to learning in this module:

  • Initial setup
  • Finding the perfect product
  • Creating your avatar
  • Creating course content
  • Maximize sales with perfect up-sell
  • Finalizing the product

There you have it. However, these curricula are not given to you directly, they are divided and distributed weekly, but if you want to have and unlock all the parts already, you just need to ask them by filling out a form.

Targeted Training, Resources, and Tools

  • Bi-Weekly Expert Classesbi-weekly expert classes

They bring in “successful people” every two weeks to demonstrate Justin and Adam’s training in action to show exactly how it’s done.

  • Special Curated Add-on Trainingsspecial curated add-on trainings

Trains you in specific, targeted strategies to help you focus on a particular area of marketing; from video marketing, copywriting to Facebook marketing.


  • ClickBank Toolkitclickbank toolkit

Inside are the tech providers, essential services, and special deals you need to get and running simple, quick, and easy.

  • The Traffic Centerthe traffic center

You’ll discover how to generate almost unlimited traffic and clicks on demand.

  • Exclusive ClickBank Communityexclusive clickbank community

Be part of a healthy and thriving community of a close-knit, like-minded group of success-driven people.

  • Live Events for Just a Fraction of the Pricelive events for just a fraction of the price

Get exclusive invites to ClickBank’s private events.

About the Creators

justin atlan and adam horwitz
See those good-looking gentlemen looking directly in your eyes? They are none other than the brilliant creators of CB University 2.0.

Let us give you some knowledge about who are they and probably snatch a few selfies off of their social media accounts for you too. Sounds cool? πŸ˜‰

JUSTIN ATLANjustin atlan

Justin is an entrepreneur, adventurer, veteran internet marketing guru, and someone who’s dedicated to helping other people get their desired business and goals in life.

His expertise mainly focuses on performance optimization, developing monetization, and marketing strategy. He used to work for clients under SJA Media Partners.

He’s now living his best life to the fullest alongside his wife, Milana. Matter of fact, they have a Youtube channel where they upload their getaways and escapades.justin and wife milana

That’s about everything we’ve gathered about Justin Atlan.

Let us now head on over to the other creator, Adam. Shall we?

ADAM HORWITZadam horwitz

Adam started as a young entrepreneur. He began developing products and working with technology closely at age 15. He rose to success for his creation of a Mobile Monopoly in 2011. He was 19.

He founded the texting service YepText in the same year he created Mobile Monopoly (2011). Apart from that, he also founded and maintained the Tycoon Cash Flow and Cell Phone Treasure programs.

After several years of being an entrepreneur, Adam had also decided to be a Youtube blogger and became really famous for it. He has earned huge popularity for his travel videos. He uploads videos on his channel frequently alongside his girlfriend, Inna Moll.

To know what he’s been up to over the years, you can freely visit his Instagram account and of course, his travel vlog channel called “WOLVES” to get to know him more.adam and justin ceo clickbank university

With combined knowledge and experience, Justin and Adam created the Clickbank University to give hope to people that you can definitely earn for living online.

sincerely, justin and adam



We haven’t even seen this part from any reviews that ranked the first page on Google, so let us do the honor. It’s our pleasure to impart this tiny but essential piece of information with you, anyway. πŸ˜‰donation for pencils of promise

When you purchase the ClickBank University program, they donate the percentage of that purchase to Pencils of Promise– a non-profit organization that builds schools and increases educational opportunities in the developing world.

How cool and kind is that??! We love a company that thinks about other people, especially children, and education! No wonder they named their creation [CB University 2.0] next to an institution. Clever! πŸ˜‰

Pros and Cons


  • Active community
  • Instant access
  • Great for beginners
  • Created by ClickBank
  • The vendors/sellers section
  • They give back by donating to a non-profit organization
  • 30-day money-back guarantee30-day money-back guaranteed


  • Can’t access all of its modules at once
  • Only the paid traffic sources are covered
  • A little pricey

Is ClickBank University a Scam?

This program might not be on your sought-after programs list, but it’s definitely NOT a scam.

As you might have probably noticed up the content of the program section, we only listed half of the “learnings” you might encounter in the modules. We wanted for you to see the rest yourself, so you could tell us if it’s a “scam” for you.

Other reviews may have told you differently, but we always stand for what we believe in. We always have the best interest at heart.

Knowing how successful Justin and Adam had gotten, how do you think it would make them look if they happen to sold people a fraud product let alone a whole ass program? Right?

Read between the lines, friend.

Nevertheless, if you still consider ClickBank University a scam due to other reviews you’ve probably spent time on, we honestly cannot do anything about it. We cannot force you to change your mind immediately.

But… maybe, just maybe, you happen to finally get the program, maybe you could let us know your opinion about it? We’d love to hear it. πŸ™‚

It’s a Wrap!

That’s about it, folks!

Let us all hang out again soon!

If you have something nice, or even mean things to say to us, feel free to comment them down below! We appreciate every single feedback you throw our way. It makes us work and write more for y’all.

We look forward to hearing your ClickBank stories. We wish that you share them with us. Come on. πŸ˜‰

Until our next review! Real quick, though- do you have some recommendations and/or suggestions for our next product review? Let us know!

Ciao for now, folks! Have a good one! πŸ™‚


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