Perpetual Income 365 (Friendly Review!) The good & the bad

Do you believe that you can earn money while sitting on the couch doing absolutely nothing?

We don’t!

There is literally no claim that one can do so. Even lazy people do not have that mindset. They know what to do to better their lives, they just choose not to do something about it, because, for one- they’re l a z y.

Well, we know that you’re here for one reason: you are eager to know how this new software works, and you’re kind of hoping to get an answer to your question of whether it’s legit or a complete scam. Hmmm

But first, to give you a better look, what is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is simply a process of promoting other people/company’s products, help them generate sales, and voila! You get the cut of that profit- a commission. Easy peasy, you say?

Well, you’re right about that. It’s easy if you think about it that way, but it takes a hella good program and/or system to learn the actual basics of affiliate marketing. Apart from that, there is more to this whole shebang than you can actually imagine.

In this review article, we are going to discuss with you this e-commerce program that we thought some of you, prospective marketers might be interested in, well, therefore you’re here, we reckon?

Perpetual Income 365: What Is It Exactly and How Does It Work?

Perpetual Income 365

Other reviews might misguide you into purchasing the program right away just ’cause the authors think they’re reliable enough or ’cause they’re gaining something from misadvising.

That being said, and this might sound very defensive on our end, but we are the total opposite of the definition of our name [swindle]. We vow to always deliver you our opinions and tell you the truth and nothing but the truth.

Moving on to the program… what is PI365?

The first step to fully getting know Perpetual Income 365, one must be signed up to a Clickbank and GetResponse (an email marketing platform) account. Once done, just add a pre-made email pattern to the GetResponse account.

Having done all those things, you must create an email capture landing page and sign up to Udimi (an online marketplace for Solo Ads) and then start sending traffic from Udimi to your squeeze page. Voila!

Backing up, PI365 is a program/software made to help newbie affiliate marketers earn for a living by providing them an “automatic income” tool. It is a plug-and-play and done-for-you system to help one with gaining profits through affiliate marketing.

They describe it as “The Ultimate MCCA Toolbox to Leverage the Power of Recurring Income for Mega-Profits and Life-long Income“. It is a tool future marketers should use without worrying about starting from scratch, just fully eliminating the headaches of false starts.

One can work from home, from a cafe, on a beach, anywhere you like, and definitely get paid while doing so.

The funny thing about Perpetual Income is how it all started…

How Did All This Start?

A quick storytime, folks!

If you’ve been a fan of Netflix, there might have been a time you started asking questions to yourself like how does Netflix earn money from all these views and subscriptions? How do they manage to keep the profits going? So on…

Netflix secret to earning tons of profits

Well, a creator of PI365 has an answer to that. In fact, one of the creators of this program used to work for Netflix; eventually figuring out how these big companies earn money just like that and deciding to go and make his own auto money-making company. Rad, you say?

After nearly 11 months on the job, this tech genius, that we’re going to call “Mr. X“, has stumbled upon a mysterious anomaly, a fluctuation in the Netflix data.

Netflix data scientist exposes shocking secret

Said it was the very reason why Netflix could quickly “take over the world of media by storm“, while simultaneously had a sales system that could almost “print money like the Federal Reserve“. How insane was that?!?

After some time of being uncertain while working for a big company like Netflix, “Mr. X” had finally decided to step out and do all the work he had ever learned and codes that he cracked while being inside.

He contacted a struggling journalist and pitched his idea, and long story short, they made a deal, thus the Perpetual Income 365 calling it the “Secret Netflix Algorithm“.

Secret Netflix Algorithm

They were skeptical about it at first, but who wouldn’t? Starting a business you have no idea how to make it to the market without being bankrupt is kind of a “suicide” for marketers and entrepreneurs.

Fortunately for these creators, after an hour of their first launch, they made over $100. Clocked at over $300 on the first day, and the profits just kept pouring and pouring from there.

earn tons and tons of sales

Just got lucky? Who knows… Maybe it’s because their creation was really that credible?

Now, I know you’re dying to know who are these clever people behind the program, no?

About The Author(s)

SHAWN JOSIAHShawn Josiah Clickbank Platinum

We know you kind of hoping for a creator with a face, but we haven’t found any photos to back you up on this one. Maybe Shawn uses a pseudonym, but is willing to help marketers be as successful as he is, right?

He might not have a selfie we can provide you with, but he most certainly is a REAL PERSON with real achievements and positive outcomes from his hardships.

As a matter of fact, Shawn Josiah is a successful “7-figure” internet entrepreneur and a proud member of the Clickbank Platinum circle which proves that he’s generated over $500,000 affiliate sales on Clickbank alone.

Does it prove that the guy is actually bankable? Well, there’s only one plausible thing to do to know: purchase the software and be a judge of his masterpiece.

“Mr. X”Perpetual Income Mr. X

Yes, we know, maybe a little suspicious, but hey, authors use pseudonyms to hide their identities which also makes it even more interesting and makes the readers want to just keep going back to their works. Are we wrong about this?

Should we not trust anyone who uses a pen name even though they mean well? Hmmm…

Mr. X was a data scientist who graduated from MIT. According to the whereabouts that Shawn was gathered, Mr. X was a mathematic virtuoso and because of this, there was a bidding war among the tech giants for his services.

Although he looked like he hasn’t shaved in years- that is according to how Shawn described Mr. X, the guy had a lot of ideas that were vital in making their dream team works!

We know how this makes Mr. X… a rat, a snitch? Either way, he still means well above all this. Maybe he saw something inside that makes him want to fight for the people’s right to earn. Who knows?

Cost and What’s Inside the Program?

Instant access to the package
To access the system, one should pay $9 (upfront sell), then you can go off and pay $47 every month.

Perpetual Income 365 is a 3-part package. These are:

  • The MCCA Toolboxthe MCCA toolbox

An upgraded and refined version of the software tools created by “Mr. X” himself to put the MCCA (Micro Commitment Consistency Compounding Algorithm) money-making mechanism to work for anyone.

  • Income Leverage Bountyincome leverage bounty

The potent knowledge to fully leverage these tools to rip open a tear in the universe of abundance. The quickest and easiest way to get recurring revenue MCCA assets with zero skills needed.

  • One-Click Content Stackone-click content stack

A done-for-you package for the content. Handpicked 30 days email newsletter to boost the perpetual income, which means your MCCA site will do the cooking (selling) by itself for 30 days straight without anyone (you) lifting a finger. Just a click of the mouse. Cool enough?

To make it sweeter, they will give you bonuses worth $997. What are these?


  • Bonus #1: Recurring Revenue Master Plan ($497)Recurring Revenue Master Plan A book of steps to having permanently recurring revenue.
  • Bonus #2: Tiny Subscriptions, BIG Profits ($499)Tiny Subscriptions, BIG Profits A book of ways about how small tiny subscriptions can massively create an “avalanche” of wealth.
  • Bonus #3: Income Commander Master Guide ($197)Income Commander Master Guide A book containing the ways or steps from “Income Commander” and how you can make money through simple means.


  • 5 Click Profits ($197)– this upsell unlocks additional plugins that change and captures attention to the “money pages” to increase the opt-in rate and sales.
  • e-Mail ATM ($297)– an upsell that enables one to send out email broadcasts inside the system.
  • Perpetual Asset Multiplier ($127)– an upsell that is a part of your “money pages” and unbolts extra templates.



  • The system is well-made
  • Free email swipes
  • Introduction to Solo Ads
  • Shawn is a real and trustworthy affiliate marketer
  • 60-day moneyback guarantee60-day moneyback guarantee


  • Misleading sales video
  • False urgency tactic
  • Exaggerated income claims

Is it a Scam?

Although we couldn’t provide you the creators’ faces in this review, we only mean nothing but satisfactory content. Our opinions are based on the things we have encountered in this program and regardless if this differs from other reviews out there, we still stand behind our words. ๐Ÿ™‚

But if you still care… well, we do not believe this program is a scam. Anything that is covered with a moneyback guarantee will never be considered as a scam; at least that’s what we believe in.

Shawn Josiah may not have a “face” that will make you trust the program more, but we will leave everything to you from here. ๐Ÿ™‚

We think we owe it to you to actually try the system, and we want for you to come back here as soon as you see results, or even if you won’t [see results], we still want to hear from you about it.


Earning money for a living takes a lot from us. It takes our Friday nights and social life.

Perpetual Income is one of the few software out there who we think understands our hectic days most. It promises to help us gain something while ripping that 9-5 job, while also earning something from the side.

As usual, we are not trying to persuade you into buying the program. We serve as your guide so you won’t make another purchase hastily that you might be going to feel remorse for later.

Just always keep in mind that being able to earn a lot of bucks takes a hell lot of time too, not to mention the sweats and dedication you have to put through to execute that plan and/or dream.

Whatever it is that you’re in pursuit, we are all for you. We love hearing your success stories and how these programs affected and have helped you.

That’s it for today, folks!

We sure do hope you have enjoyed our article. Any suggestions, comments, and complaints, feel free to drop us a line down in that comment section. ๐Ÿ™‚

Have a good one!



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