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Complete and Unbiased Commission Hero Review

Commission Hero review

More and more people are dream of learning how to make a fortune from the comfort of their homes. One of the most reputable programs you can use in 2020 and beyond to attain financial freedom is Commission Hero.

If you’re here looking for a complete and unbiased Commission Hero review, you’ve landed on the right page. Below, I’ll show you both the pros and cons of this program in order to help you make a well-researched decision when it comes to trying Commission Hero.

What Actually is Commission Hero?

Commission Hero is a modern, advanced marketing program that claims to help you generate $1,000 per day or more using their simple 3-step system. They also claim that no experience is required to try this program and succeed.

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If it sounds too good to be true, you should know that there are thousands of Commission Hero reviews from real people all across the Internet, reviews that certify that this system is the real deal and not a scam.

This system is a complete learn-and-apply course that includes over 45 videos on how to promote affiliate marketing products using Facebook Ads. You literally learn from scratch how to create powerful Facebook Ads campaigns to sell the right ClickBank products to the right audience.

Facebook Ads campaign

So how do you actually make money with this system? We’ll get to that in just a second.

First, let’s meet the author…

Who is the author of this program?

The creator and mastermind behind Commission Hero is Robby Blanchard, a highly successful affiliate marketer. He has started out small but managed to grow exceptionally big. He’s now a millionaire who teaches people how to make money with Facebook Ads.

He started out as a personal trainer back in 2014, but his business didn’t grow until Robby started leveraging the power of Facebook Ads. His business literally exploded within just a few years. He then got into affiliate marketing and started to make tons of money by selling ClickBank affiliate products through Facebook Ads.

Robby Blanchard shares his secrets
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His advanced strategies coupled with his innovation and creativity have enabled him to skyrocket from making $1,000 a day to over $40k a day. He invested thousands of dollars in Facebook Ads and managed to enjoy an ROI of up to 10X.

Inside the Commission Hero program, you’ll discover his own blueprint of using Facebook Ads and you’ll be taught how to make money using his already-tried methods.

How does Commission Hero Actually Work?

It all revolves around ClickBank and Facebook Ads. If you haven’t heard about ClickBank and affiliate marketing, you can read this post (note: link here to one of your posts about affiliate marketing). On ClickBank, you have tens of thousands of digital products you can promote using affiliate marketing. For each product you successfully sell, you get a commission.

Commission Hero teaches you how to create winning Facebook Ads campaigns that will enable you to sell more of these programs. This program works using a 3-step system that has been tried and tested by many marketers. This 3-step method psychologically entices people to buy the product you are promoting.

This system is very simple, but works amazingly well:

Step 1: Attract leads to your lead page or website using Facebook Ads

Step 2: Convince them to buy your affiliate product

Step 3: Get the sale and earn your commission

What’s Inside this Program?

Inside the Commission Hero program, you’ll gain access to the complete system for making money with affiliate marketing. Additionally, you’ll get several done-for-you pages that look exquisite and are proven to convert. Moreover, you’ll be trained on how to use Facebook Ads like a pro and you’ll gain access to some of Robby’s contacts.

To spice things up, the author will also reveal to you a portfolio of his most successful ads and will allow you to participate in live training sessions with him. Once inside the program, you’ll gain access to the Facebook Group.

Here is a quick module rundown for you:

  • 1. How to get started with Facebook Ads
  • 2. Setting up your first landing page
  • 3. Choosing the right offers to promote
  • 4. Setting up Facebook Ads & Facebook Pixel
  • 5. Tracking & scaling your campaign
  • 6. Proven Ninja Tactics for high-converting ads
  • 7. Bonuses & Extras
  • 8. Inner circle coaching

The Track Record of the Author

Robby Blanchard has managed to outsmart the competition on ClickBank affiliate program one year ago, back in January 2019, becoming the highest-earning affiliate. He had a successful 2-months streak by generating over 1 million dollars in sales. His profits amounted to over $500k. This guy has managed to make half a million in just two months, which is outstanding.

His experience seems genuine, especially as he had posted numerous screenshots of his ClickBank account. He is a highly credible instructor and also knows how to do marketing the right way. In 2020, Robby has managed to grow his own marketing company which he created a few years ago, so now he works with top clients such as Paleo Secret, Fit Body Bootcamp, and Jason Capital International.

What is Different About this Method?

Commission Hero stands out of the crowd because it works on a simple idea and makes it perfect. Most people starting out with affiliate marketing make the mistake of going the cheap way, which is getting a site, writing some articles and trying to rank up organically. That usually takes years and brings in low revenue.

Affiliate marketing model

However, with this method developed by Robby Blanchard, you’ll dive right into it. You’ll invest real money in real Facebook Ads and start making sales right away. Of course, this method is riskier, because you might lose more money than you invest. However, it has true potential for success.

What is the Potential of Commission Hero

With Commission Hero, you have huge chances for success. Because this method was already tried-and-tested by countless affiliate marketers before you, it is guaranteed to succeed. Most people have managed to earn a profit within three months after starting to use the system, while few saw a profit after 6 months or more.

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In the beginning, you’ll need to invest $997 in the program and another $2,000 or so per month in Facebook Ads. You might make sales in the first few months, but probably under $2,000, so you won’t manage to cover your expenses. However, as you scale up and learn from your mistakes, and being guided constantly by the Commission Hero community, you’ll manage to make 3-4 times more money than you invest.

After around one year, you should have the potential to reach a whopping 10X ROI. If you invest $5,000 on Facebook Ads a month, you’ll be able to make $50k in profit a month, which is more than $1,000 a day. However, that’s just theoretical. In practice, you might earn more or less, depending on numerous factors.

Who Is This Course For?

Commission Hero is perfect for both newbies who have never used affiliate marketing before and for students looking to make some extra cash, as well as for experienced affiliate marketers who are struggling to survive financially and can’t seem to get more sales.

With a minimum investment of one hour a day, you can start having a profit after just three months. However, remember that you need to invest your money in this business opportunity. If you are not willing to invest your money and to let it work for you, it’s probably better to move forward.

The great news is that you can request a full refund on your initial investment, but only after you’ve tried the program for 12 months. The reason for this is that the author of this course is looking to teach motivated people, who stumble and rise again, not people who fall flat and never get back up.

This guarantee proves that this product is genuine and that people who truly seek to attain financial freedom might have found exactly what they were looking for.

What I like About Commission Hero

Positive aspects

– This program is created by a reputable person who has managed to get rich using Facebook Ads

– Commission Hero is built for everyone, so you can leverage it regardless of your level of experience in the affiliate marketing industry

– You gain multiple bonuses, plus swipe files, landing pages and personalized strategies you can try

– Robby Blanchard is unlike many other “gurus” who are only promoting their own methods. This guy teaches you how to make money with any product of your choice, so in the end, you’ll be the one reaping the fruits of your labor.

– This program teaches you how to become a true marketer. You can then use the same strategies to create your own business or get a job as a Facebook Ads manager. Of course, if you attain financial freedom, there is no need to get hired again.

What I don’t Like about Commission Hero

What i don't like

– This product is a little overpriced. Not many people can afford to pay $997 initially and then invest around $2,000 per month until they get a profit.

– It does not include email marketing or list building, which are considered the best methods for making money in the affiliate niche.

– Using only paid traffic is quite risky

– I don’t like the 12-months money-back guarantee policy, even though I completely understand why Robby chose it.


Commission Hero deserves a clear 4 stars out of 5.

While it represents an amazing way to earn online income and to leverage the true power of affiliate marketing, it is quite expensive.

Having said that, if you are willing to take this teachings into action, go for it. The information is structured in a way that makes it easy to learn, and it’s a business model that will work for many years to come.

Ads will always be bought and sold online…

Plus, Robby knows what he’s doing and there are so many people using the Internet that competition is NOT a concern. It is a factor, but not a threat.

HERE IS WHERE you can join Commission Hero (cheapest route I was able to find)… 



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