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We know the past few months have been quite stressful for everyone around the globe, and we really hope that you’re safe and well. Apart from all of the stuff that’s been happening, the boredom is of no help at all, hence, here you are reading this.

How does building an eServices store from scratch sound to you?

Sounds really sensationalist but we kind of committed to showing you details about this program, so please, bear with us.

In today’s review article, we will kind of walk you through this exciting program that we have recently laid our eyes on. Like, really, the launch is finally here!

Let’s chitchat a little about the information we have on-hand regarding the system/program and, of course, about the creators— Chris Munch and Jay Cruiz.

But first….

What is The Asigo System?

The Asigo System is a new software program developed by Chris Munch and his co-founder on multiple programs, Jay Cruiz, which is going live in the market on the 28th of July 2020. Stoked yet? It’s so close!!!

We know you’re wondering what the gun does “Asigo” mean. We actually had to search for some plausible answers on Google but we got nothing. Well, Jay has an explanation for that…

In this video, Jay explained what was the inspiration behind the name, and well, it’s definitely not a name for cheese or some kind of philosophical wisdom, but really, they (along with the marketing team) just come up with the idea, which, in Jay Cruiz’s words explained: “if you’ve got a conviction in your marketing, then it doesn’t matter what or how you name your product.”

Not the answer that we were aiming for, but the guy sure has a point. If you’re going to have a baby, you sure would want it to be unique so people can remember. Right?

So there we have it, let’s keep moving and get right to the real deal.

We went and did some more research about Asigo, and here are some of the things that I’ve gathered from their Facebook page that I hope will help you:

  • The Asigo System is the fastest and easiest way to create a passive, scalable eServices-based business without Amazon, Facebook, overseas suppliers, or high-risk inventory orders.
  • It features the best tried and tested software tools that enable users to start and grow their online business.
  • Runs an optimized eStore and sells high-ticket, high-demand eServices.
  • The whole system takes only a couple of minutes to set up.
  • It revolves around an automated 5-step process that has enabled some users to skyrocket their eServices business, even without the experience.
  • It gives your audience the opportunity to be among “the first to market” in the rapidly exploding eServices industry.

Now, for us to get a “feel” of all this stuff we’re talking about, you might want to save these dates below to get to know the program more, is that right?

Based on their website, let’s now move on to the other things this program has to offer…

What’s Inside & How Much is the Program?

For a front-end price of $2997, you can get the following the system provides (including BONUSESSSSS!!!):

  • e-Service Dropshipping Store

Lets you instantly “copy & paste” the proven automated sales funnel and checkout process.

  • “Aim & Fire” Engagement Engine

The proven sequence to increase engagement, now fully automated.

  • Your Own Special Version of AmpiFire to Dropship

You can build an asset as you build your influence with your brand new and special version of AmpiFire.

  • The 24/7/365 Asigo Partner’s Concierge

The dedicated concierge team will actually coach you so you hit your personal targets.

  • “Aim & Fire” High-Ticket Sales Seeker

Instantly tap into a pool of over 50M buyers across any niche you can think of.

Wow! Too many packages! Are you giddy yet?

Who Is The Asigo System For?

Just like some other available programs in the market, Asigo System is for anyone, like ANYONE with a $2997 in their pockets… right?

It is designed to help someone who wants to make a living online and… get this, according to their official website, you can get all of that “without” any experience and special skills. Like, is that really possible?

We would definitely want to try it when it’s finally live, but for now, we can only tell you much as we don’t know every single thing about this software just yet. We just based it off on the website and their social media channels/pages, but we’re hoping that we somehow of help to you.

The Creators

If you happen to be an avid subscriber or reader of this site, we’re guessing you’ve already checked out the product review we did for one of Chris’ programs he’s co-founded with Jay Cruiz back in 2019 which is the 100K ShoutOut. It was quite a big deal, too, since it was one of his successful programs in the market.

Moving on…


Chris Munch is, well, as they all put it, a self-made millionaire and a very successful digital marketer/online entrepreneur. The guy sounds really bankable if you ask us. We would totally bet on him on this one.

He started his online business more than 10 years ago, in an “overcrowded shared house” at university, doing everything he could to survive.

He’s dedicated to helping other entrepreneurs by co-founding and founding different programs and whatnot.

Chris has been soaring high in the industry along with his creations, which mostly focused on eCommerce and online marketing.

Today, he’s running an influential software company, built around the methods he used back in the days when he used to earn hundreds of thousands… now millions. Hmmm, amazing, right?

He is one of the well-known entrepreneurs in the market, and if we are to base our comments on Chris’s past creations, we’re quite certain that this soon-to-be-released program will be a hit right off. Now, you tell us, should we put him our trust?

Let’s now get to know his partner, Jay…

JAY CRUIZ- VP of Sales/Co-Founder

On the sales page, Chris has told a quick little story of how he met Jay.

He said that Jay was kind of stuck in a “mind-numbing” office job back when they first met. He was looking for an escape, freedom, and opportunity.

To look after his family and be able to give them the life he’s always wanted for them, Jay added a “powerful missing ingredient” to the business.

He then took Jay in and as soon as he came on board, they became the fastest-growing company in the industry. So, Jay was the “main ingredient” to Chris’s corporation after all, huh?

Some of the programs they co-founded are Ampifire, Private SEO Launch, 100KShoutOut, and Presscable/VidBullet.

Are you just as excited as we are right now?



  • Secured and stable
  • They give the exact template to create websites
  • Partnered with an 8-figure brand
  • Timely
  • You can link existing audiences and brands
  • The content lands on different platforms (e.g: Facebook, Youtube, and Google)
  • Guaranteed success
  • 60-day money-back guarantee60-day money-back guarantee


  • It’s not for everyone
  • You have to work hard consistently to get better results
  • A little pricey

How trustable is it?

Hey, we’ve told you it isn’t live yet, dork. Just kidding. We know liking something without even seeing or holding it yet is a thing, don’t tell us otherwise, please. We mean, there were our virtual friends who we couldn’t get to see, we’d just text them, but the love is there when you finally get to see them, right? Or is it a whole other thing? Anyhoo…

Feel free to come back here if you have proven us wrong, we will surely compromise. Tee hee. 🙂


There isn’t much stuff to say about the product yet, but let’s give it some time till it’s finally launched. We are sure affiliate marketers and other vital people in the market are stoked about Asigo System, and we know the feeling. Just the thought of it getting launched makes us anxious but in a very positive way.

And oh, BTW, mark your calendars!!!!

mark your calendars

We have gathered everything we could all over the internet— we almost got to the deep web in exhaustion to get you all the info, LOL. We hope we have somehow shed light on the topic.

As always, getting successful doesn’t happen overnight, people. We have to keep grinding and thriving to get where we want in hard

Programs like Asigo can be a tool, but we can’t fully leave our fate to these systems. People have to work for these programs to work, too. Are we wrong about this? We sure hope not.

We believe we have helped you know a little about the Asigo System. We, too, are just as excited as you are! A few weeks from now and everyone will have a chance to finally get to know the program really deeply!

Please leave us a line if you have anything, just literally anything you want to share with us, it will be so much appreciated. Much as well leave us a comment of what to review next for our website. Cool? 😉

Ciao for now!


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