(2020) My Review of Dasilva’s 100K Blueprint 4.0… worth it?

100K Blueprint 4.0

Dan Dasilva has indeed proven himself in the online business industry for the past few years. He has created a few online courses to help people who want to make a profit online reach their goals without having to sweat it much.

In this article review, let me walk you through new Dan’s creation, well, technically it isn’t “new“β€” just improvedβ€” called “100k Blueprint 4.0“. Let’s get right to it. πŸ˜‰

What is 100K Blueprint?

If you’ve come across this product review article, I’m assuming that you already have the teeniest bit of idea about what the 100k Blueprint is for, or maybe… you are here to get to know the course before you dive headfirst, am I right?

100k Blueprint is a dropshipping eCommerce course developed by Dan Dasilva himself, although this one is a re-designed and improved model, which by the way is going live on August 13, 2020.

It claims that you can start building a business without any previous experience and/or knowledge in 12 weeks. Sounds right, but, let’s just keep moving on so you’ll get what you came here forβ€” answers.

100K Blueprint 12 Weeks course

So, for 12 weeks, you could have the opportunity to learn what Dan had probably done to be successful, is that right? Although, Dan also mentions that “success cannot be hurried”, and with that being said, you cannot be a millionaire overnight, let’s be a realist here.

The idea of this course is to help you start a dropshipping business that they would then put to autopilot so you could start building more and more websites all while earning. But, I cannot tell you much about whether the existing members get their purchased model updated or not, though.

What is Included in 100K Blueprint?

For the front-end price of $1,997, you will be getting a 12-week “training” where there are videos that will guide you through the process of building your own dropshipping store. A little pricey, I know, but check out what’s included in the course below.

Here is what the system’s 12-week training looks like:

  • Week 1– Outline of the 7-figure business model
  • Week 2– Learn to triple your profits in 3 minutes
  • Week 3– Facebook dropshipping techniques
  • Week 4– Use influencers to reach 1 million people in minutes
  • Week 5– Learn to use linear funnels
  • Week 6– Get the business to $100,000 profits every month and automate it
  • Week 7– Build a team to run the business
  • Week 8– Find new sources to tackle unexplored business opportunities
  • Week 9– Post sales emails and other activities
  • Week 10– Link Bing with Shopify and find new products
  • Week 11– Introduction to subscription models, pricing and sales strategies
  • Week 12– Multiple case studies and workshops

Personally, I think it is an overall good course as it is quite thorough with all the stuff one needs to learn about the business.

Dan also stated on their website the 4-step formula that can “effortlessly” have any beginner have a profitable business in 90 days.

4-step formula

How Does the System Work?

Well, as I’ve mentioned earlier, the idea of the course is to help business-minded people start their dream dropshipping store. But to give you more idea, below are the overview of how the system works:

  1. They start by finding a product (with tools designed for it) that will fit their 3-phase criteria.
  2. They will then have simple listings created for them which they will pay for about $20 for studio-quality production and other stuff to make an ad.
  3. Send high-quality buyer traffic to the store.
  4. Look for broker deals with suppliers for faster shipping.
  5. Scale and keep finding more products that they can build these stores out with.

Who is Dan Dasilva?

Have you ever heard one of the stories were some successful people who started from scratch and just, you know, went for “it” and now one of the wealthiest people in the business? Sounds familiar, huh?

Dan Dasilva is a 25-year-old entrepreneur “guru”/Shopify expert, the owner of the 100K Blueprint system, and other different courses, who claims that he earned millions through dropshipping alone. Kind of a big of a deal for a business where you just fully rely on the internet to do the transactions for you.

Dan Dasilva, CEO of 100K Blueprint


Moving on, Dan started his career in 2015 which after 2 years, turned into a multi-million dollar business. From there, he started eCommerce dropshipping stores and that’s where his claims of millions of profits come in the picture.

He also makes videos on how to make a profit online by uploading them on Youtube. Dan has more than 130k subscribers and probably going to earn more over the course of time.

Dan Dasilva Youtube Channel


Some of the popular online courses Dan has launched include eCom Dudes, Dropshipping Academy + Inner Circle Package, Flipping Profits, and Shopify Masterclass. The guy is indeed full of ideas, no?

Who is 100K Blueprint For?

This system is for anyone, literally anyone who’s willing to spend a little higher for a “course”, but yeah, I guess it’s made for people who want to learn about how dropshipping business works, but also for people with a little extra penny.

Well, personally, I wouldn’t spend so much on the stuff I wouldn’t get a feel of, but if I were to base it off of people’s testimonies, then I think it wouldn’t hurt to give it a go. πŸ˜‰

There is no age limit to this. ‘Long as you want to achieve something or really just want to start off a business for future profits, then who am I to judge, right?

What I Like and Dislike About 100K Blueprint

The fact that Dan Dasilva tackles everything a person who wants to start a dropshipping store should know, I think it’s kind of worth every penny, and it’s one of the few things I like about it. I mean, it’s like every single course at schoolβ€” complete with every stuff a student needs to take in to pass every single subject.

Apart from its thorough “lesson” about getting successful in the business, I like that it has a 30-Day Money Back Policy like some of the programs online.

100K Blueprint 30-Day Moneyback Policy

Of course, this is an unbiased review so I’m gonna go right off with the things I don’t like about Dan’s 100K Blueprint. First off, it’s way too expensive, as I’ve stated earlier. Although it’s articulated, I personally think it’s still expensive for, I’m guessing, many people.

Well, to each his own, right? At this point, I’m sure you’ve already grasped the idea that I’m not trying to convince you to purchase the system. I’m saying dig deeper and if you decide to pick something else, then why not? After all, I’m just here to tell you what might work for you and your ~future~ business. πŸ˜‰

Dan Dasilva instagram



This section is here only if you couldn’t decide what course to get to start your business. I’ve seen and heard lots of good dropshipping courses on the internet and I will list some of them below for you:

That’s just some of a few good dropshipping courses people are talking about on the internet. I picked some that have positive reviews that you might happen to stumble upon. I will add some to the list if I happen to know more soon.


Dan is sure as hell of a genius guy for his age. He knows his “thing” and his way around the business. Believe me when I say I know people his age who do not want to get off their couch or in the basement of their parents and struggle to make a living. The guy [Dan] is brilliant.

Again, as I’ve mentioned several times earlier, the system might be a little pricey than some of the available drop shipping courses on the internet, but hey, at least Dan has surely touched everything you might need to learn to start your business.

I’m not trying to be “biased” here, in fact, I will suggest for you to dig deeper and find an even better product to ease your mind, or you know, just to have alternatives lest you happen to not get satisfied with Dan’s program.

But, you know what? I kind of think that’s not possible. Apart from consumers’ reviews, the fact that the program is on its 4th version just proves its credibility. I’m just saying 100K Blueprint looks so much like a “blueprint” for success if I’m being clever there. πŸ˜‰

Anyway, I hope whatever you decide to do will work out for you. Please come back in this article if you’ve found something else or if you’ve pushed through with the 100K Blueprint, because either way, I care.

Good luck with your endeavors and your future business. Cheers! πŸ™‚


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