Lead Conversion Squared REVIEW + In-depth & LONG!!

My Review for Lead Conversion Squared

If you’ve been hanging around with us for a while now, you may have come across our Leads Hunter review where we kind of elucidated how lead generation works.

Now, in this article, I will give you my sincere opinion about this program I have recently encountered that will be available in the market a few months from now. Digital marketers, eyes here! 😉

Lead conversion is the process of turning a “lead” into a paying customer. Leads are generated from marketing events and campaigns. Conversion happens once the marketer has successfully generated revenue from marketing. The lead automatically converts into an account once enough information has been gathered about that certain “lead” to qualify as a potential opportunity.

On the other hand, the lead conversion rate is the percentage of leads that became customers.

Before you get bored and close the tab, let’s get right to this new system I was talking about and get to know a few things. At the end of this article, I dare you to tell me if it’s a genius program… or you’ll pass. All set?

Lead Conversion Squared²: What is it All About & How Does it Work?

Lead Conversion Squared Launch Page

Lead Conversion Squared is a system that will help marketers from lead generation to lead conversion. It provides you with virtual assistants that will help you get a thousand leads per month. The goal of the program is to provide an effective way to convert leads, and all this can be done with extensive 7-day training.

To be very upfront with you, I can only tell you so much of what I’ve accumulated since it hasn’t even released yet, so you’re lucky because I will refurbish this article once it’s finally launched in September. So make sure to be back, okay? 🙂

Lead Conversion Squared is an online system that helps online marketers be in-the-know. Once you’re signed up, specialists will take you through the step-by-step process on how to generate high-quality leads without having to do the typical “lead generationsteps.

The program will provide powerful tools for this that at the end of the training, you will come to the conclusion that leads conversion isn’t actually that hard.

LCS Squared system trains you to provide for customers to build a good relationship, with minimal effort even. How’s that? Is that even how it works now?

From all of the details that I’ve gathered, I can say from the looks of it that it’s quite a catch. Digital marketers all over the internet will go gaga over this. It does sound so promising, and I hope everyone could give it a chance.

The masterclass is aimed at helping online entrepreneurs grow their business through the help of a series of webinars. These webinars cover everything you need to know about the secrets of gaining long-term clients and as well as how to increase sales continuously.

I know I haven’t given you enough deets in this review, yet, but if you still need a lot more convincing (that I’m sure of), wait ’til you know who is/are behind this brilliant program…

Who Are The Creators?

Founders and Creators of Lead Conversion Squared

It sure wasn’t God, I can tell you that. But they’re pretty kind, too for making such a promising program.

Daven Michaels and Chad Nicely are the ones behind LCS Squared. Let me do the honor by letting you in on some information I’ve found about these amazing guys. Are you ready?

Daven Michaels

Who is Daven Michaels
Lead Conversion Squared review

Michaels is an author, entrepreneur, online marketer, and motivational speaker. He’s been an entrepreneur since the age of 15. Wow, quite a while now, huh?

During all those years, he’s stumbled across a business formula that he used to turn multiple diverse business ventures into extremely successful businesses, which includes a few multi-million dollar home runs.

In the year 2006, he started a virtual employee center in the Philippines called 123Employee. He started it off with only one employee and the company now has hundreds of employees operating from several facilities.

In 2011, he used the power of public speaking, which I have to admit, is quite impressive if you ask me. He used it to cast a wider net and reach even more entrepreneurs all over the world, well, technically, the online world, but still, it is a BIG WORLD.

Daven’s primary goal is to help the people save money, “make more money“, grow business, and many promising things that we all desire. Sounds very tempting and engaging. The guy knows how to steal hearts, doesn’t he?

Daven Michaels in the Hospital

Well, not too much excitement there because according to his public Facebook page just recently, Daven is now in the hospital suffering from a kidney stone. Let us wish him well and hope he gets back on track in no time!


Chad Nicely

Who is Chad Nicely

Daven’s co-founder for the LCS Squared system is also one of the most successful coaches and business marketers, Chad.

Nicely was born in 1976 in Santa Maria, California. He’s had a pretty rough childhood if you could only take time to read his “about” information on his website.

Just like most of genuinely, organically successful businessmen in the industry, Chad has had his fair share of struggles and tough times that mold him to who is in front of the mirror today.

Chad Nicely Divorce

He came from a broken marriage and while it was rock bottom for him, he’d eventually found his purpose and that was his girls, his children. He found his way back to them and eventually fought off the demons that were caused by his divorce.

Chad Nicely's Daughter Katarina

Chad Nicely's Daughter Madalyn

Now he’s living his best life and is even more successful in his career.

That being said, I admire him for pushing harder so that he could give his family (his girls) the life they deserve, the one that they now have.

Lead Conversion System

Apart from his success in having a beautiful family, Chad has launched a few successful programs, too. He truly loves helping other people in achieving their goals. One of his successful programs ever is the Lead Conversion System which is part of the Eversuite series.

Lead Conversion System is a lead management and sales tool that captures, qualifies, and converts your leads “better than anything” online.

I guess that’s what has driven Chad into making Lead Conversion Squared with Daven. Their goal is to help future marketers with their business and to impart their knowledge about digital marketing to these people.

Who Is The Program For?

Well, it isn’t a secret as to whom this program is for. Obviously, it’s for online marketers that wish to know more stuff about driving leads and converting them into customers=earnings.

It’s for those who have always been struggling to earn a living online but do not know the ways around digital marketing. Basically, it’s for everyone who wants to make a profit even at home. Just the right thing during this crisis we’re in today, am I right?

Lead Conversion Squared program is a training to kill your doubts about the easiest way to generating thousands of lead conversions. There are instructions that will guide you through the whole process, and if you happen to have any questions, there’s always the customer support team willing to back you up.

What Can You Get From Purchasing The Program?

  1. White-Labeled Innovative New CRM Software

LCS² customers receive a reseller license to their robust CRM software, which was built by digital marketers to fit the needs of businesses of every shape and size. Features include a sales pipeline, automated lead follow-up, a powerful tagging system, text messaging follow-through, and so much more.

2. Proven, Ultra-High Converting Lead Magnet

The bran-able, digital business card signup page, makes it a breeze to turn cold traffic into hot leads. The page can be customized with a unique card mockup for each prospect and enables the agency owner to leave personalize videos for their new leads.

3. Ongoing Leadflow For Your Clients

LCS2 clients receive a pre-trained Virtual Assistant (V.A) to help and train them to generate 1,000 leads per month. From lead generation to conversion. Just a complete turnkey system.

Lead conversion system review

The Pros and Cons of LCS²

If you’re still having second thoughts and doubts, I will help you weigh it all in by giving you some of the stuff I like and I did not like about the program basing it all off from the information that I have on hand.


  • Proven Method
  • Unique System
  • Easy to Learn
  • Successful business partners that also help promotes the program
  • High Conversions
  • Recurring Income
  • 60-day Cookies
  • Business Opportunity


  • Not yet released
  • Price is still a doe because (see first con)

Is It a Scam?

Here we go again. Why the fudge do we have to label something we don’t know anything about as scam? Just kidding, I just had to put this section here for people who might think of this program as “scam“.

First of all, we still haven’t even experienced the system for us to give it such a negative remark. Second of all, if we are to base on its creators, there is no question there as to why LCS Squared is worth sweating for. Right?

LCS Squared Launching in September
LCS Squared Review

Although I couldn’t tell you exactly HOW MUCH is the program, yet, I’m sure it will be worth the hype and the exhilaration from waiting. Don’t you agree?

Daven and Chad had proven themselves worthy in the industry over the course of time. If I’m being biased, I think they truly deserve what they have in life right now. They’re both good people, at least according to social media and the videos that we see of/about them.

So, once again, it isn’t a scam, for now, at least. Anyway, you can come back to this article anytime after the program is released. As I always say, we only want what’s best for you and your business. No harm ever intended. 🙂

So, is Lead Conversion Squared Worth It?

Well yes, there are many alternative programs out there. But, not all of them are guaranteed to work and worst, they are too expensive. I know, it’s too early to judge but I definitely think LCS² can be a great option if you’re planning to generate more leads for your business. Take note, high-quality leads.

Lead Conversion Squared makes you realize that generating leads isn’t hard at all. In fact, after the training, you will come to the conclusion that you need just need to be aware of the tips and tricks. The program teaches entrepreneurs that the goal doesn’t just end in reaching a wider audience. You have to keep those high-quality leads engaged and convert them as customers.

Moreover, it also allows you to fully customize your own landing page. In this way, you’ll gain more attention as it is unique and personalized. Keep in mind, that this feature is not available in most conversion systems.

Basically, Lead Conversion Squared allows you to attract more leads through access to the different unique features that will make your business stand out. So, If you’re going to ask me if it is worth it? Then, continue reading for my final verdict. 🙂

Verdict & Conclusion!

During this difficult situation that we are all going through, I hope we have somehow reflected as to what do we truly want in life. Honestly, I would love to keep writing until I am one of the most successful content writers people go-to for perfect writeups.

One can dream, right?

Going back to the real issue, I think LCS Squared is a brilliant program for anyone who wants to produce tons of leads and turn them into sales, and should check out. I’m not just saying this because I got paid. No. I’m here to shed light and help you decide what products and/or programs/systems can help you achieve your objective.

I’m not here to mess with you or your already-made-up mind, that hasn’t been my job here. I hope you don’t mistake us for other content makers out there that only review something out of sheer motives. That’s not us, here in Swindle Mag.

We should give these companies and businessmen a chance to prove their worth, and for the most part, our money’s worth.

Anyhoooo… if you have some additional details you can share with us, please feel free to drop them in the comments below. If I’ve missed some stuff vital for the review that you know of, please let me know of that, too!

I hope I’ll see you in September. If you’re just as excited as I am, let me know! We can both jump around: you in your house of course, and me over here. Teehee!

Ciao again for now! I’ll see you. 🙂



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