Alphapreneur REVIEW… can accelerate your road to success?

Being an entrepreneur takes a lot of initiative and perseverance.

One cannot possibly be a successful businessperson if they don’t have the will to take the lead. That’s just not how entrepreneurship works.

Imagine just planning out something and NOT taking a move to ACTUALLY do it. That’s kind of a bummer and actually quite lazy on your part, but we don’t judge you if that’s your choice.

Maybe you’re waiting for the perfect timing to pull that plan off, or maybe you’re getting cold feet at the thought of your business not making it through.

In today’s review, let us show you how you can get there [success] with the help of this program we have recently put our interest on… It’s called “Alphapreneur“, and we’re stoked for you to finally get to know it!

Off we go!

Alphapreneur- What is it About Exactly?

become an alphapreneur
The sales page describes Alphapreneur as a “smarter, leaner, faster and free new breed of entrepreneurs“.

To word it out as easy as ABC, Alphapreneur is a community of supportive and like-minded people that are there to help one another earn for a living online.

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The heart of the mission is there. Pretty powerful words of wisdom and motivational speeches to get one started and/or going.

Alphapreneur is basically “Facebook” and/or a social network for entrepreneurs and aspiring ones, where they connect and interact with their fellow businesspeople.alphapreneur social network for entrepreneurs

It’s an online community alongside other basic features such as videos and training materials to back up the claims, speeches, and whatnot. Sounds good, right?

But… is it really worth it?

Before we continue with further deets, we should let you know that this is solely our opinion about the product. Nothing and no one will ever affect our judgment. We hope we’re clear about that. 🙂

Going back… Are videos good enough to actually get us started?

To get an answer to that major question, let’s get you to get to know how it actually works to “help” people.

Shall we?

How Does the Program Work?

everything is possible
Alphapreneur works by giving you access to social networks, courses, coachings, and training to make you the best version of your entrepreneur self.

Its goal is to guide you and be a part of a “movement” to success. They claim their community to be a “family” of the most inspired and successful entrepreneurs on the planet. Big word, huh?

Alphapreneur Accelerator is a daily coaching program that helps one get motivated and teaches to avoid overwhelm, challenges, distractions, struggle, burnout, and failure.motivational videos

They aim to show you how to analyze your current network and how to create a more effective, beneficial one that will help you grow your business.

Some reviews that we’re guessing you have read pretty sure have already provided you with what’s inside this program, but of course, you’re here to balance your choices, are we right?

In order for you to decide on what to do next… let us look at what does the program offer in the next section.

What’s Inside Alphapreneur?

what you'll get
Before we finally conclude as to whether this program is worth your penny, let us give you a look-see at what you should expect in Alphapreneur.

  • Communitycommunity for like-minded people

Get together with like-minded people who understand you and uplift you in the most positive environment.

  • Coursescourses for your growth

You will get step-by-step video training that will help you grow as an entrepreneur.

  • Livestreamsfree livestreams to watch

Get to attend daily live streams and get 1-on-1 help with starting and developing your venture.

  • Booksfree entrepreneurship books

Educational short reads regarding entrepreneurship. This also includes motivational and self-help books.

  • Newsread up-to-date news

Read a collection of the most important news about entrepreneurs given every morning.

  • Mentorshipmentorship

Discover how to live a wealthier, more fulfilling, and fruitful life that you deserve.

  • Resourcesresources for your venture

Learn the best resources that will drive you to where you are today, to where you actually want to be.

  • Trendsdiscover vital topics

Discover growing products, topics, and services before they take off.

  • Mindsetlevel up your mindset

Learn to think and act like an entrepreneur and create the results you want.

Some of the topics you can get access to:

  1. How to Reach 1.2 Million People in 48 Hours with 1 Linkedin Post
  2. Ex-Accountant Built a $100-Million Dollar Empire in Just 6 Years
  3. How I Got 40,000 Views on Quora in Less Than 30 Days
  4. Hacking Youtube Growth to 100 Million Subscribers
  5. The Quick Hack to Grow Anything by 37x
  6. Best and Worst Ways to Earn Income Online in 2020
  7. How Children Are Earning Millions Per Year on Youtube
  8. How to 10x Your Creativity to Triple Your Income

Samples of daily coaching that will help you:

  • Find Your True Calling
  • Defeating Self-Doubt
  • Stop Lazy Thinking
  • Start Making Healthier Decisions
  • Creating Your Own Fate
  • Staying Focused on the Positive

and a LOT MORE.

What About the Price, you ask?

Alphapreneur comes with two membership plans you can choose from:


Get full access to the program for $7 for 7 days, $97 per month if you decide to stay after the 7-day trial. Access everything. No hidden charges. Cancel anytime you want.


Pay $2997 for literally UNLIMITED ACCESS. No monthly billings to bug you with. Access everything.

Of course, just like any other services such as Netflix, Alphapreneur asks for your bank and/or card details to charge you after the trials.

So, if, just if you happen to not fancy the program after a few days of getting to know it, feel free to cancel your subscription before the 7-day trial ends.

Apart from that, Alphapreneur is covered with a 60-day money-back guarantee since it is sold inside Clickbank. No upsells. No hassle.

Now that you finally have an idea about what this program is about, its price, and its content, maybe we should get on with even more vital details… like who the creator is.

Fair enough?

About the Creator

who is chris luck
Chris Luck

Chris Luck is a successful entrepreneur and Affiliate Marketer building successful businesses online since 1999. 21 years now!!! Wow!

His purpose in life has been to help people start their ventures that produce predictable passive income so they are financially independent and have more freedom to live the life that they deserve.

Alphapreneur is not the only program Chris has invented. He also created some helpful courses like Membership Method and other programs. He’s produced more than 13 online businesses over the last years.

Feel free to visit his Alphapreneur Youtube channel to know more about the type of videos the program offers.

Chris tied a knot in 2006 to his beautiful and amazing (now) wife, Chrystal. They have been blessed with beautiful twins- Callie and Cami.chris luck and family

He is now a well-established man living his best life with his beautiful family. Bless you, even more, Chris!signed by chris luck

Pros and Cons?


  • Useful for beginners
  • They have solutions for different entrepreneur-related difficulties
  • 60-day money-back ironcladmoneyback guaranteed


  • Broad topics
  • Costly
  • Some topics can be found online
  • Monthly payment

Now, is it a Scam?

We really didn’t think we should put this section here after we’ve provided you with important details onlymembers” are allowed to know, but here we are.

Just kidding!

Of course, you should know. Every potential consumer should know.

So, is Alphapreneur a scam? To give you the straight answer- IT IS NOT A SCAM.

Chris had worked hard all his life to create such empowering service(s), and the fact that he spends his already-successful being in helping people achieve what he’s achieved already proves how serious of a person and entrepreneur he is.

So, no. We stand by our decision. Alphapreneur is in no way a scam.

But if other reviews have already affected your decision, we can’t genuinely make you think otherwise, unless you purchase the program to see for yourself.

If it resulted in you not liking the program, there is always the 60-day money-back ironclad that you can definitely take advantage of. No sweat whatsoever.

It’s a Wrap!

We’ve enjoyed telling you a sweet story about this program, and if you liked and enjoyed it too, feel free to share this with your future entrepreneur friends!

We care about you and what you think, but let us be honest with you for a sec… success cannot be hurried.

There is no plausible way to do it.

You can’t be a success story overnight, well unless you become viral for your videos online, but even if you did, there is no way to gain tons of cash from it just like that.

You have to work for it, sweat for it and BELIEVE IN YOURSELF that you CAN DO IT.

Update: HERE’s where you can join ALPHAPRENEUR!!!
reach for success

There is no one holding you back from reaching your dreams aside from yourself. We are our own “competition“, not anyone else for that matter. Remember that.

Keep thriving and keep believing. Okay, friend?

Going back to Alphapreneur, we hope you could let us know if you purchased the program- if you liked it or disliked it, please share your thoughts with us! We’d love to hear ’em!

Until our next program review, folks!

Have an amazing day! 🙂


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