100k Shout Out REVIEW + Taking AmpiFire into practice..

Do you want your business to go viral online?

A professional marketer knows the right way of promoting their content/product/services and produce income from it.

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However, there are many people with no marketing skills; but still, they want to earn a living through online sources. 100K Shoutout is one of the courses that teach you about the right way of gaining online exposure with proven business strategies that you can implement on your own business.

100k shout out review

What is 100K Shout Out?

The 100K Shout Out is a very powerful yet realistic course made by Chris Munch and Jay Cruz (business partners) who teach you to go viral and make sales online. Most of the digital marketers consider specialisation or some special course to earn a 7-figure yearly income but you can take this course without any specialisation in digital marketing. It is a revolutionary program to grow your online presence and start producing income without excessive investment.

Who’s behind this

Chris Munch and Jay Cruz are the co-founders of 100K Shoutout. They are well known online marketing gurus who have been working together for years. They are in the digital marketing industry for years, that benefit them to know about the industry and hence they build this amazing course along with top-level content amplification software.

Ahead of this revolutionary course, they also introduced video creation software called Vidbullet that made a huge presence on the internet. This time, they are supported by one of the famous SaaS Company ‘PressCable’ who is working as their technical team.

What’s included in 100k Shout Out?

Before taking any course, you always search for the packages and courses that you will get. This program comes full of proven strategies that will help you grow your yearly income. Along with this strategy, you will also get the training about their Ampifire software. You can download the entire course on your local system. You can watch the entire course on any device you feel comfortable with. The entire course is narrated in simple English that makes it highly convenient for people.

Are you eligible to join? AmpiFire review

What is the eligibility to take this course? This is the biggest question most of you would ask…

To take 100K Shout Out program there is not any specific eligibility which means anyone can take it.

Below are the people who can benefit from this course…

Earn money online

  • Small-Medium Business Owners who are moving to the online platform.
  • Any Start-ups who are looking to grow their online visibility
  • Professionals like Surgeons, Lawyers, Chiropractors, etc.
  • Special Course creators who want to make money through their Course sell-out.
  • Ecommerce brand that look forward to sell products online by getting maximum traffic from Search Results.
  • Online Advertisers/Affiliate Marketers who are looking to earn more than their standard income.
  • People who want to lower the competition with their remarkable online marketing strategies without investing much and getting a good response as a result.
  • People who want to drive more customers/clients to their online business.
  • People who want to share their knowledge and let their customers know the required information.


What is AmpiFire?

Ampifire works on the ‘OmniPresence” campaigns which take the details that you want to share and uses Artificial intelligence to promote it throughout the internet (at various platforms). The Ampifire works by following a few specific steps and then waiting for the outcome. Once you submit basic details about your content/business, the Ampifire delivers you the following benefits:

  • Creates and Publishes a high-quality content/posts that will help you drive enormous traffic for your blog/website.
  • Creates and Publishes articles on various mainstream news portals.
  • Creates and Publishes videos on YouTube & Vimeo.
  • Creates and Publishes remarkable Presentations on LinkedIn SlideShare.
  • Creates and Publishes audio clips on various Podcast Directories.
  • Creates and Publishes Social posts on different social platforms including Facebook and Twitter.
  • Creates and Publishes content on Google News also.

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How effective can Ampifire be for your Business?

The complete promotion of your content over countless websites on the internet will boost your keyword ranking for specially targeted phrase/long-tail keywords that will help you gain organic traffic from the search results. The Content Amplification Engine uses the power of Artificial Intelligence to use automation software to write content like a human being and share it on different sites.

boost your keyword rankings


You are only required to share maximum details about your products/services which can is converted into various formats including content, video, podcasts, etc. With this, you not only save your time in reaching the websites and publishing your content, instead you save your money too.

Most Common Questions:

common buyer queries

Question 1: Does AmpiFire run on All Devices?

YES, the Ampifire is specially developed to work on any platform that you want to run. It is made compatible for use on Windows, Android, iOS with easy download and installation steps. Also, the content amplification engine has a mobile-responsive nature that helps you to use it at any screen size.

Question 2: What if you have any query?

There is a support team that will answer your questions about the program. As you have read, the entire team takes responsibility to respond all your queries along with various other offers and deals that you might be interested in.

Question 3: Are there any hidden charges?

The entire course includes the tools that will give you knowledge about the software along with proven strategies to grow your online business. Alongside you will also get the Ampifire software that will take your organic presence to the next level and make it visible at the top. However, there are no hidden charges associated with this course.

Why is 100K Shout Out Different?

For most of the online marketing campaigns, you need a website or huge investment to promote your content and make it popular over the internet. However, to take this course, you don’t need any website or a product. Chris Munch and Jay Cruz have come up with this amazing course that doesn’t require anything extra. There is a big NO to:

Online marketing campaigns

  • No Product
  • No Audience
  • No Website
  • No Experience
  • No Start-up Capital
  • No Special Skills

Benefits & Features

If you are a newbie and are looking to making healthy income throughout the year, this is going to be an amazing course that you should take. There are multiple benefits of taking this course:

  • This is a completely new course, made by the online marketing gurus, based on their years of testing and knowledge.
  • This helps you start your own business without investing a hefty amount in marketing and promotional activities.
  • You don’t require any special marketing knowledge to earn online. This program teaches you a powerful strategy that will help you gain online recognition without much effort.
  • Once purchased, you will get unlimited access to Ampifire, a very special Content Amplification Software.
  • Alongside you will also get various other marketing campaigns for FREE.
  • A user-friendly course that includes simple English for better understanding and explanation about the software.
  • Reliable team is always available to respond to all your queries.

User Reviews for 100K Shoutout

Reviews of 100k shout out program

One of the global influencers, Jeff Lenney recently reviewed this course and he is glad to take it for his business growth. He shared his view on this course and was glad to find the course effective for anyone who is looking to build his/her own business.

Similarly, many other famous people tested this program and found it very effective for business growth.

What Are the Alternatives?

There are many other programs/courses that commit to deliver a good income source, but in comparison to 100K shout out course, they don’t provide as many benefits because this is an entire package, not just a piece of software or a technique.

You are getting a complete package of knowledge and the software that you can use to start any business you want and earn a good living online. On top of guides, a sense of community, dozens of premium-level tools for online promotion, etc.

You don’t need to be an affiliate marketer to take this course. Instead, anyone interested to make an online presence and grow their income can take this course without any second thought. You can even find its unbiased comparison with its alternative on the internet.

Final Verdict…

Last, but not least, if you want to gain online exposure without any company setup, team setup, etc you are going to benefit from this course.

-If you wish to join this, THIS LINK is for you, it’s the best deal we could find for you (no worries, that is NOT an affiliate link, there is no conflict of interest as we don’t gain anything from you joining 🙂 )

The content promotion software “Ampifire” is another advantage that you won’t be able to get anywhere else in the digital industry.

This amplification engine will take your details and promote it in different formats without making spam content.

All your content published online usually starts showing results within 36 hours of your submission.

If you want to go viral, improve your SEO and help your website or online venture reach out all the right people without all the hassle of doing it manually, go for it 🙂

-And don’t worry, this article was unbiased. There are NO affiliate links in it. We hope you enjoyed our 100k Shout Out / Ampifire review and feel free to leave a comment with any questions or enquiries. Remember you can always reach out for coaching opportunities. We help you benefit from dozens of online tools that can grow your online business exponentially.


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  1. How can you be providing such a promotional endorsement of the 100K Shout Out when it is only being launched today?

    1. This is not a promotional endorsement. We don’t care if you buy the program or not. We intended to work with them to promote it, actually, but it didn’t work out so we just left the article online anyway for the people who may benefit from the information.

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