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Commission League Review

Money has become the root necessity not only for survival but also to fulfil your dreams. An educated guy has a wide range of opportunities to get a job and produce monthly income. However, this doesn’t work for people with no internet knowledge and are a newbie in the digital world.

But not anymore! Mike Balmaceda has developed a revolutionary program that teaches you to build an online business without having any niche specialization or professional knowledge.


Review of Members Area

Necessary information about any program is essential. The Commission League is an internet marketing training program which is oriented to teach everyone (who is willing) to produce an income online, without working in a 9 to5 job. Mike Balmaceda is not the only person behind the development of this program. Instead, there are three of his associates i.e., John, Justin, and Steve, who collectively put their efforts to bring this practical course.

The Commission League is a step by a step training program that teaches you to earn money through affiliate marketing.


There are five modules enclosed in this complete package:

Module 1: Commission League Blueprint: This is the introductory module that encompasses the necessary details about this course along with the initial secrets of earning money through online sources.
Module 2: How to find $1000 opportunities: This will include the tactics to find opportunities worth a $1000 each sale.
Module 3: How to find profitable products: In the third module, you will be taught about finding the right product. The right product is essential to ensure you get the right commission with each sale.
Module 4: Push-button / Done-for-you Influencer solutions:  In this module, you will get complete knowledge about how you can use the influencers without paying any amount to them.
Module 5: A completely done for you set up: In this step, you will get the opportunity to get the complete setup which is specially built for you.


Mike Balmaceda

Mike Balmaceda is the person who introduced this program to teach every person the tactics of growing their income. Before this course, he previously developed a successful program called Six Figure Success Academy.

He has a vast experience in digital marketing. He currently holds the position of Vice President of Marketing in Bridgegap Marketing Inc. He, along with his associates John, Justin, and Steve come up with the secrets to earn money through the online platform, even when you are not professionally familiar with the internet world. Earlier, he worked with Ty Cohen to develop the Six Figure Success Academy.

He has been supporting the companies in growing their business through different digital marketing training programs.


digital marketing training course

Internet marketing is a growing industry, but it doesn’t restrict any person from using it and earning money. Mike Balmaceda has invested the best of his efforts to bring this incomparable digital marketing training course. The list of people who can take this program includes:

  • Anyone who is looking for a start-up
  • Anyone who wants to earn money through online platforms.
  • Anyone who is a newbie but looking for an income source.
  • Any professional who wants to grow their income.

In short, anyone who wants to work from home and earn a good living online, you can’t ignore this opportunity. Mike Balmaceda has come up with the a course that will make you independent and teach you to set up an assured monthly income.

Many people think that every single course on the internet needs professional skill, but that’s not the case for ‘Commission League’. You don’t need any professional skills to master these money-making tactics. Instead, what you need is the zeal to understand the right process of earning online. If you are serious about your income and are searching for a successful business via online selling, you should definitely try this program.



This is not the first time Mike Balmaceda has introduced a program of this sort. Instead, Six Figure Success Academy was his previous program offering money making secrets, which was highly appreciated by the readers/users.

Mike Balmaceda understands the current internet demand and that the hunger of people to make money quickly is also increasing. But still, at the time of writing this, the entire course is available for $997. However, you can split the payment into two parts, paying $547 in two instalments. Apart from this, you also get 30-days money-back guarantee in case you don’t like this program.


No Need to Run Separate Ads on Facebook & Other Platforms:

The Commission League by Mike Balmaceda doesn’t allow you to run any dedicated ads on Facebook or Google to promote any product. Instead, you will be taught to use the 3-step method to enhance the visibility of your products/services.

Facebook or Google to promote

No Instagram Followers Needs:

In the era of digital marketing, many of you consider the Commission League course is similar to the influential marketing. However, both of them are different. Distinct from influential marketing, you don’t need to grow your Instagram or require lacks of followers to populate your products. Thus, you can easily make money without having any followers on your Instagram.

No Email List Required:

In the 3-step process of Mike Balmaceda, you will learn to double your income working a few minutes every day. You don’t require additional Email List to sell your marketing products/services. However, you can use the email ids for future purpose.

No Need to Physically Deal with Customers:

The Commission League is not any field job that requires visiting every suitable person and showcasing your new sales. Instead, it is a sitting job that you can do whenever you find leisure time from your 9 to 5 job.

The course will teach you to promote certain online products / services and earn a living doing so.

How does it work?

It works on the basis of your sales. Three steps are involved in the working of this program:

Step 1: Finding The Problem: Without knowing the problem, you can’t search for a remedy. So, this step includes the diagnosis of various issues.

Ste 2: Research To Find a Solution: Once the problem is listed, its turn to find the best possible solution that people is looking for.

Step 3: Tell the People: Last but not the least; you need to reach the people who are looking for the solution. This will, in turn, take them onto your website link and will help you earn more than usual days.


Benefits of commission league

The entire course is built by a renowned digital marketer who doesn’t need any introduction. That adds a lot of credibility to the method.

The program serves you in the simplest way that you can learn and start implementing. It’s VERY practical rather than all learning and planning.

You can make your own email list and no longer require paying any influencer.

Note: We’ll update this as we gain more experience taking the course into practice.


Paying $997 seems to be a bit costly; however, you also have the option of low payment in two shifts.

Some things take much longer than expected, until you learn them.

Before purchasing any course/program, every single user searches for online reviews to get detailed knowledge about the program. Undoubtedly, you will search for the best Commission League review and make your decisions accordingly.


You should always look for the alternatives. There are many similar programs that you can find on the internet. However, multiple factors will play a role in deciding whether the new program is better than the Commission League. Price is one crucial factor that makes this program above overall its alternatives.

Final Verdict: If you want to learn digital marketing and use the same for business/sales growth, you should try this course and find the potential of this program. The complete course is bundled in three steps, which are even soothing to learn and implement the same.



Quick Disclaimer: The Commission League does not own or operate this website and is not responsible for its contents. It is owned by an independent marketing affiliate.

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