The Knowledge Business Blueprint REVIEW… My opinion

How many of you actually want to rule the digital industry and bring a huge revolution along with big profits teaching others what you feel passionate about? Well, most of you will undoubtedly respond with ‘YES’.

Review of Knowledge Business Blueprint

But not everyone has the success know-how that you can use to make a living online and take your business to the next level. Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi have contributed most of their life serving people and businesses to attain that success.

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As this is not possible for everyone, hence they have come up with a unique idea that they called “Knowledge Business Blueprint”, allowing the people to attend this course and make their own masterminds that can be used to spread globally.

It includes The Knowledge Business Blueprint course + Mindmint. The course will help you understand the Mindmint software, use it to extract your expertise and target the people who’s willing to pay for it. As mentioned, there are two major components of this program/course.

About the Knowledge Business Blueprint Course: In this course, you are taught about how you can use the Mindmint software to easily collect a certain knowledge and make your own masterminds. Later, you are taught how to use that expertise (yours or somebody else’s) to produce income from your followers.

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The course is dedicatedly built by Tony and Dean who have spent years of effort to build this business-oriented software that can let you churn out the best and most beneficial knowledge of the masterminds and use them to make money.

UPDATE: Now Russell Brunson is also part of the team! This is going to be an incredible opportunity for so many people.

Russell Brunson from Knowledge Business Blueprint
Russell Brunson is in!

About Mindmint Software: To monetize your knowledge on a single platform and make it public for all, you need a software that can take care of all the complexities and make it effective to share the masterminds with your followers. The Mindmint is the software specially built by Russell Brunson and his team, where Tony and Dean spent more than $500,000 to overwhelm all sorts of complexities and make it work seamlessly. In short, the Mindmint is the software that will give you the platform to collect the masterminds and share it with your followers and other people.

Special Bonus for the Partners: This is really an interesting aspect that I love the most. For the partners who make their followers attend the live course, Tony and Dean have arranged a special bonus. It really seems to be a good proposal to accept. But the major benefit will be offered to the masterminds who will attend the livecast and learn to make one of their own.

How can you become its Partner?

Currently, as the program is going to be launched on the 30th of April, you can become its partner and help them grow their course throughout the globe. If you are interested to become its partner and are confident to promote it through your influential skills, you can submit the form associated with the link.

  • Your details will be shared with Tony and Dean who take the final decision.
  • Once your application is approved, you will be given a partner center along with additional instructions.
  • All your information will be shared through the registered email ID.

In your favour, you have the opportunity to affiliate this program and make money by using your audience and spread it with them.

— ( UPDATE: It’s out! THIS LINK is where you can sign up to join the KBB method… cheapest way available 🙂 )

You will be able to invite your audience between 19th and 29th of April. On the 30th of April, when the entire course will conduct live training, maximum of your followers must be present to attend to make the training success.

All the masterminds should note that, the more your followers are the bigger will be your revenue at the end. This will bring a boom in one’s life where they will learn new findings and tactics to make a success; you will get a healthy sum as affiliate profit.

Dean Graziosi Review

How actually it helps you make a big profit?

For the Masterminds: Those who have already earned success in their business have done something unique that they think may help others and allow others to make money with the same tactics. But nowadays, there are not enough platforms that allow you to share your success secret in exchange for money. Tony and Dean have come up with the idea of Knowledge Business Blueprint + Mindmint that gives you the platform to extract your success secret and promote the software to your followers.

For Influencers & Affiliate Marketers: Why this entire program seems very effective is that you can earn a profit even when you are not the biggest expert in your topic of choice, but know these “masterminders” and take their expertise to make the program successful. If you have the skills to connect with this course, you can derive their knowledge in the Mindmint software and promote it with your influential skills. In return, you will get a commission for every sale you make.

But apart from this, both the masterminds and the influencers can make a big profit apart from the affiliate commissions by sending people to the livecast. On the 30th of April when the course will become LIVE, the more people you sent to the livecast, the more you will earn money.

Mastermind groups

What makes this a unique idea

There are many programs online on the internet that claims to offer you a wide range of learning and help you grow your professional and personal income. But truly saying, not much of them have been found as effective as the Knowledge Business Blueprint is. The traditional courses available online works on the standard business model which is outdated nowadays. But there are multiple aspects where this mastermind program stands out among other learning courses/programs.

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Unique Idea: You can’t deny the fact that the idea that Dean Graziosi, Tony Robbins and Russell Brunson have presented is totally unique. In many similar programs, you will find the complete suite of learning courses which is limited to only those who want to learn from the online source. But the Knowledge Business Blueprint is completely different from them. It allows the experts to derive their expertise and add to the Mindmint software which can further be distributed to those who want to learn more in exchange for money. 

Proven Tactics: Throughout the world, you will not find any of the programs which give you proven tactics that can be followed to grow your business and earn huge profit. This Mastermind project is really a game changer for everyone who believes in proven results, which is why we published this review.

Trusted Experts: The entire course of ‘Knowledge Business Blueprint’ is created by Tony and Dean who have more than 60 years of proven experience in sharing their knowledge and earning a profit with that learning. They have also made other business owners to extract their unique and versatile knowledge that can further be used to make money online.

I must say that these traits are hard to find and hence these unique features really make it a must-try course that will really change the way you earn a profit with minimal efforts. You can check out Tony’s official site here.

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What’s Special for the Affiliate Marketers?

The current era of digital businesses is working aggressively towards earning millions through affiliate marketing and other means. But due to lack of proper knowledge and right teachings, it’s really hard for you. Similarly, there are many of the experts who are unable to find the right platform to share their skills with their audience.

The Knowledge Business Blueprint + Mindmint is a very good platform that is really impressive to use and share your knowledge in exchange with the affiliate income that can help you grow your overall profit.

A layered commission system is made to provide you maximum profit that you actually deserve for your unlimited efforts and using your audience to promote the Knowledge Business Blueprint.

Some Special Offers Also Available:

There are some special offers for those who earn top ranks in the list. The offer includes:

As an additional prize for the top partners, Dean and Tony have planned to offer the mastermind with them right at their private resort in Fiji. Meeting and being mentored a few days by both of them will really be a valuable asset that you can use to promote your own business and make million dollars from them.

There are a bunch of early-bird bonuses, check them out… I take it as the best even opportunity that gives you the offer to recommend the course to others and make money from it.

The idea behind Knowledge Business Blueprint

Any Pros & Cons of this Program/Course?

It’s obvious that there will be some pros and cons that you should know ahead of investing your money in this course. So, let’s start with its Pros.

  • Honestly, the Knowledge Business Blueprint is very reliable for those who are looking to share their knowledge and make money from it.
  • The complete course is easy to understand for everyone who wants to extract your or someone else’s expertise, turn it into a course or mastermind, and promote it using the Mindmint software.
  • The entire course encompasses basics that make you understand each and every trait of the course. It also gives you various opportunities to connect with your audience to enhance a sense of community. You won’t be alone implementing these methods.
  • The affiliate opportunities are also appreciable, allowing you to make money with the knowledge you already have (or being a reporter of that info).
  • The people behind this course (Dean & Tony & now Russell) are highly experienced guys who have churned out the best of their knowledge to help people like you.

Now coming to its Cons:

  • As of now, there is no information given as whether the people will be able to invite more followers after the launch of the course on the 30th of April. Doors won’t be open for long.
  • To make money from it, initially, you need to buy this course + software for almost $2000, which is a bit costly. Update: There’s actually a 4 x 597 payment plan available!



In my opinion, this is one of the best opportunities of the decade to learn how to impact the world and make a good living in the process.

— ( UPDATE: It’s out!! THIS LINK is where you can sign up to join the Knowledge Business Blueprint… cheapest way available 🙂 )

I think this will fill a much needed bridge between those with knowledge that is ‘stuck’ in peoples heads that aren’t able to express what they know in a manner that will allow others to reap from the ‘universal knowledge collective’.

….Make sure you sign up via that link “in particular” to get the best possible deal (cheapest price PLUS 6 months of free MINDMINT membership)….

I must say that there is no online program that gives you this level of opportunity to share your knowledge and get money from that. The Knowledge Business Blueprint along with the Mindmint software is an AMAZING option to generate income online helping others in the process.

I will personally recommend you to try this course and experience knowledge sharing along with the material gains that come with it. I could give you a tour of the different modules but what difference would it make? Screw overthinking..

Whether you want to share your own knowledge or want to be a reporter, as long as you think it can benefit you, go for it and keep us posted below with your experiences as you implement the program!



Quick Disclaimer: I may receive a small compensation for some of my links 🙂

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    1. The Mindmint software will be $97 per month after the free year, which you’ll easily be able to afford if you take the program into practice. You can always cancel before the free year is over. If you do decide to join, I’ll be extremely thankful if you use my personal link to do so, and you can count on my help. Been making a living online for years so I can probably save you time 🙂 Best of luck!

        1. They are closed now, but use my link and sign up for the waiting list. If some people cancel their orders for whatever reason, you might have a chance to get in (they’ll let you know). Cheers

    1. Not at all. You can always invest in people or services to scale up the process, but it’s not necessary. Specially until you’ve earned your first few paying clients.

    1. Hi, the links seems to be ok, what do you see exactly? I’ll send it to your email if you want, but it’s working fine as far as I can tell.

      The cost is either $1997 or 4x $597. Well worth it, in my opinion.

      Let me know if I can help you with anything else.

      As always, if you join using my link and not somebody else’s, I’ll be here to help you take the whole system into practice and save time. Been doing this for years. Cheers 🙂

    1. Absolutely! Nothing keeps you two from learning and implementing the program. I’ll love it if you use my link to join! Best of luck.

  1. Interested to take the course, however is this only to give master minds and workshops? Is this interesting if you want to launch online courses?

    1. Absolutely, it’s good for launching online courses as well. People will pay for the right knowledge.. doesn’t matter what format. My link is above is you do decide to join. Best of luck

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