Amazing Selling Machine REVIEW + My opinion: Works or not? (Asmx)

What if I tell you that simply listing your products on Amazon is by no means sufficient to maximize sales? Well, this is something interesting that makes me think and write this piece of content for those who actually want to make money from selling on Amazon.

Amazing Selling Machine review

Here’s an Amazing Selling Machine review that seeks to educate you about the program and help you decide whether it’s worth trying or not.

What exactly is Amazing Selling Machine?

Those who are new to Amazon product selling need to know that product listing is just an essential part of your income, but it doesn’t guarantee you a hefty profit. Most of the sellers fail to find the trick of getting high visibility and generating leads for good profit count.

Amazing Selling Machine program is a specially designed course by Matt Clark & Jason Katzenback to teach every single person who wants to build a physical product business on Amazon.Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback

The Amazing Selling Machine Course has come up with a unique and highly reliable piece of visual content that will help you all to grow your online business on Amazon.

Getting standard leads per month may satisfy you, but what makes you more aggressive towards your product listing business is the assurance of profit that can range up to multiple counts of your existing profit.

What’s inside the program?

It’s time to dig more into the ASM program that will help you understand better about it and make your decision of whether you actually need it or not. So, let’s start.

Welcome Module: In this module, you will be given a brief introduction about the entire program along with your future opportunities. This will also give you brief information about what you will learn from the entire course.

Module 1: This module will give you detailed knowledge about setting up your Amazon seller account which you will be using in the later modules to sell your products and make huge leads.

Module 2: Here you will learn to make an evaluation of all the products that are already being sold on Amazon and acknowledge the potential of your products. This module will also teach you how you can source the products from China and the US.

Module 3: Under this module, you will be trained to make your own brand and create the inventory including the way of packaging so that you can start selling the products online. This is an important module which will help you set up a strong base of your brand.

Module 4: This is another module which is connected with module 3. In this module, you will be taught to make your online brand presence with the help of your brand website, social media profiles and other brand presence.

Amazon selling dashboard

Module 5: Now comes the important part i.e. product listing on Amazon. In this module, you will be completely trained to list your products like a pro. This module will make you an expert in product listing that will make your product pop out over others in the catalog and boost your overall sales. In this module, you will be taught 8 important components that make up a perfect product page.

Module 6: Now once your product listing is done and you are getting a good count of leads, its time to make your product rank at the top of your rivals. It will also give you knowledge on how you can earn positive reviews on some of your initial products. The customer reviews will help your products rank even better over other products.

Module 7: This module is specially built to make you aware of how important your customers are and how can you keep them happy all the time. This module will teach you how to use the Amazon ads to get more traffic and built a customer service system that can keep your customers satisfied, offering positive reviews at the end.

Module 8: Once your brand is popular on Amazon, it’s time to take it to the next level. Module 8 is hence built to make you aware of all possible opportunities to amplify your product leads and enhance your business visibility.

Additional Lessons: Along with the tutorial videos, you will also find some other videos that are made to motivate you and keep you inspired to earn more through the Amazing Selling Machine. Other videos generally consist of interviews of successful ASM members.

Private Resource Vault: This is the additional private vault where you can store your PDF’s related to the videos given with each and every module in the course.

Amazon buy box

What about ASMX Pricing?

The ASMX is available with a one-time cost of $4997, but you can take it through EMI of $997 per month for the next 6 months.

When I compared the current price with its earlier version (ASM 9), I found a hike of about $1000, which is really strange to experience. Also, I was not able to see any discount coupons that can be applied to get some sort of discount at the time of purchase.

If you are interested to join this program, you should join it without making a delay as it may close after the number of entries is full.

You can still get ASMX for Free?

This seems really interesting!

But how can you actually get a chance to use the ASMX for free? What I have heard over the internet is that the makers of this product, Matt and Jason are planning to offer something unique to buyers.

There are some milestones which you need to complete in tenure of 6 months. Once you complete the milestone in given time, your entire cost will be refunded. In short, if you are successful in making your business grow and earn a good profit, you will effectively get ASMX for free.

Again, not 100% sure about this but this is really cool stuff which will not only motivate you to grow your business but will help you economically.

Strong Points why Selling on Amazon is a Good Idea

Being the e-commerce giant over the globe, Amazon has come out as the utmost choice to sell products online and generate leads. But when there are numerous other e-commerce platforms available, why is Amazon considered as the best platform to start selling your products? Let’s find out.

(For your convenience, here’s also a list of very useful Amazon selling tips)

High Customer Base: According to the statistics, Amazon has the highest customer base over the globe. Amazon has been catering its customers for years with highly reliable and customer-friendly manner, making it the top e-commerce platform.

Amazon Advertising: Those who want to earn a bit more than the organic leads can go with Amazon advertising to enhance the visibility of their products and earn extra income from their regular earnings. They have a website network that expands your product visibility.

Amazon FBA: The FBA means Fulfilment by Amazon that allows the sellers to send their products directly to the Amazon warehouse.

Local Store Pickup: In many parts of the globe Amazon has also installed the Pickup stores that leverage the customers to make orders online and pick them right from their local Store pickup locations. This is somewhat similar to the ATM, allowing the customers to withdraw money from any location.

Easy to Enlist Your Products: In comparison to other e-commerce platforms, you will find the Product listing format of Amazon to be more convenient and easy to use. This makes it the utmost priority.

Hassle Free Online Selling: The e-commerce platform gives you complete comfort by listing your product and relaxes back. Rest of the task will be handled by Amazon.

Highly Secure and Reliable Payment System: Amazon is also known to have a highly reliable and secure Payment system that gives it the best platform to buy/sell products online.

Global Presence: The most vital point here is that Amazon has a global presence that makes it the best and most preferred e-commerce platform to make selling from any global location.

Stats in Amazing Selling Machine X

Some interesting facts about Amazon selling:

  • The annual sales of Amazon reached $177.9 Billion in 2017, which was about $q36 in the year 2016. So, in just 1 year, the e-commerce platform experienced a hike of 31%.
  • Among all the e-commerce platforms available in the US, Amazon accounts for 11% of total sales. This means a majority of people are inclined towards Amazon.

Are there any alternatives?

This is really an interesting question for those who are not resident in the US but still want to make their earnings from Amazon. There is an alternative course i.e. Jim Cockrum’s Proven Amazon Course which is being considered as a good opportunity for non-US residents to make their business via Amazon.

Additionally, you can always get inspired by success stories like this one and learn from their techniques and past mistakes.

Our honest review of the program

What I liked about the course

Now comes the most interesting part that I love the most while talking with my audience. I have written this ASMX review for you, but what are the pros and cons present in this course? Let’s talk about the positive points of taking the Amazing Selling Machine course:

Detailed Knowledge: As Amazon is increasing its presence in every possible location on the globe, it has become an e-commerce giant which you should definitely use to grow 6-figure leads. This program will give you detailed knowledge from scratch to a professional level.

Lessons about Amazon FBA: We all know how FBA is one critical area of selling products online. The Amazing Selling Machine program is ALSO built around FBA. For instance, here’s a very insightful interview with someone who’s found a great deal of success selling books on Amazon.

Building Your Brand: The course is built to make a unique and distinct recognition to your brand. The course is specially built for the newbie who has been selling products, but not making a brand from Amazon.

Lessons on Opportunities: As mentioned earlier, product listing is not the only part of earning profit from Amazon. ASM introduces a variety of smart, complementary earning opportunities.

Use of Automation Tool Suit: The program gives you the complete knowledge about the Automation Tool suit that will cut your time consumption and save it for further planning. All the tools provided under the Amazing Selling Machine program will have 12-month free access.

Matt from ASMX

What I didn’t like

Well, in terms of its cons, there are a few issues/points which you would not like in this program. They are:

High Price: The one-time price of using ASM X is about $4997, which is really big in terms of investment. However, they have offered the option of 6-months payment mode i.e. paying $997 per month.

No Tactics to Deal with Negative Review: The entire course focus on making your online presence with effective tools and tricks, but there is not any effective formula that can help you deal with the negative comments/reviews on your products.


Tracing the entire product in detail, I found it to be effective for those who are already working on Amazon but still looking to boost their leads and earn more profit.

In short, if you are passionate about building a thriving business on Amazon and make good money from it, this is one of the best courses that can train you to rule the e-commerce industry and make your products rank at the top for every related search.

Verdict: Totally worth giving a chance.



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