FAB System 2.0 + REVIEW – Is this worth your time and $$?

The craze for the digital world is increasing day by day. More and more people are looking to build their own digital business, but lack of knowledge and adequate skills keep them from even getting started. This is not the end anymore.

Fab agency system

James Dhillon has come up with an awesome program named as FAB Agency System 2.0 that nurtures your knowledge into skills and help you build an online business.

For many people, this FAB System has provided a platform to start a digital agency and share similar knowledge along with a very profitable business approach.

But before I personally recommend this program, let’s learn about a few essential details.

—> UPDATE… there’s a better program out there if you want to build an ecommerce-based online business. As of right now, we think it’s the best training out there and we strongly recommend it. Check out our Kibo Code review here and leave a comment if you have any questions, Aidan booth and steve clayton are behind it so it should be an awesome peace of training and the best course out there.


What is FAB Agency System 2.0?

This is the foremost query that everyone asks before enrolling into this program. The FAB system made by James Dhillon is more like a tool that helps you make a vision and start working hard to make your vision into reality.

This FAB Academy teaches you to learn how to start an online business and earn a living online. There is no need to go to any office and perform a 9 to 5 job. Instead, it gives you the opportunity to create your own identity over the internet and produce earnings with proven, evergreen tactics.

Fab system 2.0

Who can join this Course?

There are courses which are restricted to a specific educational group whereas many of them are limited to the targeted audience. But in FAB Academy System, there is no such foundation or restriction. It is for everyone who wants to make their own identity in the digital industry. In short, this course is for those:

Looking for $10K / month: This is a very good initial goal. Those who are not skilled enough but still are looking to make more than $10,000 per month can enrol into FAB System 2.0.

Looking to Build an Online Agency: Owning a Digital Agency is the dream for many of you but lack of quality guidance is big trouble. James Dhillon 8-week course will help you make your digital agency and start serving online clients at the global level.

Looking to build a Digital Marketing company: Another big advantage of enrolling in FAB Academy is that you become capable of building your own Internet Marketing business, which is a growing niche in today’s digital industry.

Fab system 2.0 academy members area
Introduction to Members Area

What about Content Schedule?

The entire course of FAB Academy is distributed in 8 weeks. The course distribution in 8 weeks is:

  1. Week 1: The Foundation of a Successful Digital Agency
  2. Week 2: Gold Mining Unicorn Clients
  3. Week 3: Establishing yourself as the Go-To Expert of drowning people in money.
  4. Week 4: Become the Elite Master of funnel creation that people throw money at
  5. Week 5: become a chatbot machine that skyrockets lead generation
  6. Week 6: building a 7 figure agency on retainer contracts
  7. Week 7: Niche Alchemist
  8. Week 8: Hyperreality Automation
  9. Graduation Module

According to James Dhillon, you will become a digital agency after completion of this 8-week course.

James dhillon

What Makes This Course Unique?

People should search for many other similar courses that serve almost the same traits, then how the FAB Academy by James Dhillion is distinct from others?

8 Week Elite Program: Where most of the programs are limited to a few days that provides you with reading material and a few online lessons, James work hard to build this 8-week Program which is developed in detail and gives you enormous knowledge about the digital agency industry.

Blueprint to Make 6 Figures in 6 Months: Now practical results are something that totally makes this program unique and realistic. It gives you a 6 figure blueprint that you can make in just 6 months. So, such an amazing course is must to be enrolled.

Weekly Live Q&A Sessions: It’s obvious to have several doubts related to the course and its associated knowledge. For this, a special Q&A session has been placed every week to clear your weekly doubts and learn new throughout the week.

Access to Facebook Special Community: James Dhillon has even created a special Facebook Community which is only available for the elite members of this program. So, enrolment in the FAB Agency System 2.0 will facilitate you with the Facebook Special Community which keeps you updated with the latest knowledge along with other beneficial resources.

Ready to go Chatbots & Funnels: Once you start your online business, you will require many funnels to sort your entire traffic. Also, you will need chatbots to entertain your visitors. This program especially gives you both that will be helpful for you in your new digital business.

White Label Case Studies: Case Studies give you realistic data-driven knowledge that everyone loves to take. So, under this James Dhillon’s special program, you will get numerous white label case studies that you can implement in your business and grow your profit.

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CONCLUSION – Will you love it?

In my opinion, this is an amazing course. It’s very practical, rather than focused on theory and planning. I think you’ll love it and this is why:

  • I can tell you many people have received it already as the best online program to start a digital agency and become your own boss.
  • Since the entire FAB System 2.0 is developed by experts, it’s likely you’ll get positive results.
  • However, if you still experience some hurdles during the program, the entire team is available to hold your hand and take you to success.
  • James himself has been very friendly and responsive with me.
  • The entire experience based on the use of FAB Academy System 2.0 has already grown numerous digital agencies and is now looking to build new ones from scratch.

Still, have a query? Feel free to shoot your comment in the section below.



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