Simple Wifi Profits REVIEW, can I earn $$ from home in 2020?

simple wifi profits review

The World Wide Web has a lot to offer when it comes to making money online.  While some (like freelancing or working remotely as a virtual assistant) require you to exert some effort, there are still numerous ways to make a pretty penny through the internet where you simply sit back and relax, and just watch your money grow.

So if you want to generate a side income without breaking your back, one of the lucrative ways to do so is through affiliate marketing

For beginners who are not familiar with the term, affiliate marketing is a way to earn profits by selling or promoting a product of another person or a company.  A person who chooses a product to promote and who receives a portion of the profit from each concluded sale is called an affiliate.

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In affiliate marketing, every product that affiliates promote has a corresponding affiliate link connected to their blog or social media account. So when readers click and purchase the product through their unique link, it will be credited to them and they’ll get commissions for each sale they make.

But there are certain intricacies of affiliate marketing that you don’t simply learn through free online courses. You need a trustworthy training program to help you understand how affiliate marketing works and how you can successfully earn profits through it.

This is what Simple Wifi Profits aims to do.

In this review, I would like to walk you through the program — what it is all about, what’s inside it, how it works, what are the pros and cons, how it differs from the alternatives, whether has a potential for success or it just another scam to watch out — so you can decide for yourself if this is meant for you.

What exactly is Simple Wifi Profits?

affiliate marketing

Basically, Simple Wifi Profits is about making money through affiliate marketing. It is a step-by-step online training program that introduces new,  value-driven, and unique affiliate marketing strategies to help people earn money online.

Simple Wifi Profits demonstrates how you can earn as much as $10,000+ a month by promoting the most sought after products from Clickbank. All these you can do with only an Internet connection and a computer, during your spare time, and even right in the comfort of your home.

Pretty cool, right?

But there’s more to Simple Wifi Profits than showing you how to earn big bucks online, so before we dig into what this training program has to offer, let’s get to know the people behind it, how much are they earning using the system they have developed, and what made them decide to offer it to the public.

About the Creators

Andrew Wright and Chris Eom

Simple Wifi Profits is actually the brainchild of Andrew Wright, a college dropout who quietly discovered the way to earning hundreds and thousands of dollars a day. He failed at an online business before. Then he learned about affiliate marketing and has found a way to earn huge profits through it. One of his biggest achievements is that he was able to make a whopping $80,000 in a 24-hour period, using his top-secret method.

Chris Eom, on the other hand, was once a struggling employee before he started earning big using the same method that his friend, Andrew, taught him. Chris was able to grow his money exponentially and soon, he was able to earn up to $8,000.00 a day.

Together, they’ve made over $6.7 million and are still earning as high as $70,000.00 a day and an average of about 1 million dollars every single month up to this day. Imagine, they are just two normal guys who became millionaires at a young age! And they worked really smart in order to get to where they are now.

Andrew and Chris teamed up to perfect this training program so they can share their marketing techniques with those who want to have a steady source of income. Through this program, they provide the 4 simple steps to earning money online, the exact products they sell, the ads and the targeting formulas they use, and many more.

So let’s now dive into what this program offers.

What’s inside the program

Simple Wifi Profits training program

Simple Wifi Profits has the following components:

  • Unlimited access to the program, including updates
  • Done-for-you products
  • Done-for-you ads
  • step –by-step intelligent ad targeting for beginners
  • 24/7, all year round support service
  • Monthly live coaching call with Chris, Andrew & their top earners
  • A “call” from Andrew and Chris every Wednesdays to give updates
  • Private mentorship lead by Chris, Andrew & their $20,000.00 coaching students

The program also includes 5 Bonus products as follows:

  • Copy their Done-For-You campaign, where they let you use the exact product, special pages, ad text, ad images, and targeting that made them successful;
  • Done- For- You outsourcing, where they train Vas and employees to help you run your business
  • Instant access to their VIP commission club to enable you to earn more per sale;
  • High ticket commissions, where they give commission bumps 20x higher; and lastly,
  • Help fund your first few ads if you’re a fast action taker.

What is great about this program is that once you get started, you will be guided every step of the way, from setup to running your ad campaign. First, you’ll have unlimited access and updates to the program so you won’t be at your wit’s end as the training progresses.

Moreover, you’ll get their products, ads, and targeting formulas, which are all “tried-and-tested” by Chris and Andrew themselves and by their students so you won’t be needing to put in so much effort in doing your own campaign.

Furthermore, you won’t be left out in your money-making journey because you’ll be getting all the support you need through their private mentorship, round-the-clock support service, monthly live coaching call, and updates from the WiFi Bosses themselves.

And the bonus packages are quite priceless, too. So if you take action and sign up at once, you’ll also get all these special bonuses on top of the main product.

How does it work

Simple Wifi Profits 4-step process

Simple Wifi Profits seeks to help the newcomers as well as the seasoned online marketers to earn passive income with affiliate marketing. With this program, earning commissions by advertising a product is made easy through these 4 basic steps:

    1. Know the problem: What is the big problem that people want to solve right away? Chris and Andrew found weight loss to be the #1 problem in the US. So they thought about helping people know what product to use to “solve” the problem of obesity. In this case, finding a solution to weight loss can actually be a good source to earn a substantial income.  The training program will help you identify what profitable niche (problem) to focus on so you can work your way to helping people find the corresponding solution (product)
    2. Find the product that solves it: Of course, there are tons of products out there that offer a promising solution, but which is the right one? And when we say products, we don’t just mean any other products. You must select the best selling ones. The program provides training on how to do just that.
    3. Advertise: Nowadays, product advertisement has taken social media by storm. You can easily promote your own product through online ads. But Facebook seems to be the perfect place since it has over 2 billion users, making it the biggest social network worldwide.  Using Facebook ads, you can simply share the product you choose with the people who need it.
    4. Make sales and profits: The ultimate goal of Simple Wifi Profits is to help you earn $10,000 a month or more. This program will enable you to earn huge profits after every sale that you make with Facebook ads. The more you invest in the ads, the more you can increase your profits.

What is Different about this Program?

Simple Wifi Profits is not entirely a new training program. There are similar courses like the Commission Hero that also teaches affiliate marketing strategies. But Simple Wifi Profits has distinctive features that make it stand out from the alternatives.

For one, the program provides unique strategies that you can easily implement in your money-making venture through affiliate marketing. The methods taught by Andrew and Chris are exclusively their own, which means you can not find them anywhere else, and they haven’t yet been successfully carried out by others.

Another, the course is not that complicated or difficult to understand. You won’t be confused about how affiliate marketing works because the guidelines and techniques are presented in a detailed, straightforward manner. You simply have to follow the 4-step process and you are ready to earn your first millions without a sweat. 

What is the Potential of Simple Wifi Profits


Simple Wifi Profits is based on a recent new breakthrough, so you’ll learn a brand new way to make huge profits fast. Their students can attest to the success of the training program as they managed to grow their earnings consistently, with some making as much as $2,000 a day, and others $10,000 or more in just a few weeks.

Having said that, Simple Wifi Profits is possibly one of the most effective ways to earn a handsome profit without putting too much of your time and effort into it.

Is it a Scam?

no to scam

The answer is certainly no. Simple Wifi Profits is a legitimate training program that helps you earn through affiliate marketing. The program is developed by the two top affiliates, Chris Eom and Andrew Wright, who are both well-known in the affiliate marketing industry. Their company named WiFi Bosses LLC was incorporated in the state of California in September 2019 and re-registered in March 2020 as a consulting business, according to the Open Corporates database.

You can read many positive reviews by those who already attended this course and some of them are even coaching those who are just getting started.

Pros and Cons

My reviews of any program or product are not without upsides and downsides, so here’s what I like about Simple Wifi Profits:

  • It is a simple and unique training program that helps you make money online
  • It includes step by step video tutorials so even beginners will easily understand and appreciate affiliate marketing as they are presented in an organized way.
  • The creators share exact information about the products they are selling and the ads to use.
  • Help is within reach with their 24/2/365 VIP support so you don’t feel neglected at all when you have questions in mind.
  • You don’t need to have experience in affiliate marketing nor any technical skills, this training program provides you with all the knowledge that you will need to get started.
  • They have a 100% money-back guarantee. The coaches, as well as Chris and Andrew themselves, will not let you go without any success, but if you’re not satisfied with the program, you’ll get a full refund within 45 days

And here’s what I don’t like:

  • You will need some money (a small minimum capital of $5) to pay for traffic, autoresponders and outsourcing
  • The product is too pricey. The full package is priced at $45,567.00, but it is being offered for only $1497.00. Despite that, not everyone can afford to pay that huge sum of money, even if broken down into 3 monthly installments of $577 (which, by the way, will earn them an extra $234!)
  • Results vary from person to person, so not everyone gets to earn the same amount.


The aim of Simple Wifi Profits training program is to help you earn a side income during your spare time. The 4-step process is designed to enable you to create your own (hopefully profitable) online business and earn a very decent living from home.

But as with many other training programs, success is not always guaranteed. You still have to put in some effort to produce profit because the truth is, you don’t really get rich fast and easy.

But it doesn’t mean Simple Wifi Profits cannot produce the results you are hoping for. As this is a legit training program, it is for you to decide if this product is worth a try.

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In any case, this training can catapult you into a model – an angle of your own. With time, you should take this initial approach and develop your own style so you can exploit opportunities in the gigantic world of the Internet.



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