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Quit 9 to 5 Academy Review

Complete and Honest Review Of the Quit 9 To 5 Academy Program

In the recent past, there have been a lot of affiliate marketing programs in the market. All of them promise the same thing- to teach you how to make thousands of $$ as an affiliate marketer. However, not all programs are legit and some are just scams meant to fleece you of your hard earned cash.

One of the most recent affiliate programs is the Quit 9 To 5 Academy program which has caused quite a stir in the internet marketing world due to the amount of money the creators promise that one will be able to make once they enroll. Without further ado, let us look at this program and see whether or not it is as good as it claims.

  • Product name: Quit 9 To 5 Academy
  • Price: $2497 one-time fee or $997/mo for 3 payments
  • Author: Mark Ling and Nick Torson
  • Subject: Affiliate marketing + PPC
  • Delivery: Virtual, Live.
  • Other benefits: Bonuses and Additional Training Materials in PDF Format
  • Launch date: 10-12 March 2019


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Overview of the Program

The program has been developed by Mark Ling and Tick Torson. These are two of the most successful affiliate marketers today giving the program credibility based on the success of their previous courses and their individual careers as affiliate marketers. Mark has a number of other programs that he has launched in the past which did deliver results and there is no reason why Quit 9 To 5 Academy should be any different.

Nick Torson from Quit 9 to 5 Academy
Nick Torson

What Is The Quit 9 To 5 Academy?

Well, now that we have looked at the founders of the program and its trustworthiness, then let’s look at the program in detail.

The program is more of a system where its main aim is to help an individual create profitable ad campaigns from scratch. The program come with over 50 hours of videos, over 20 hours of content and 6 modules to ensure that a person moves from a complete newbie to a professional.

Although the material might seem overwhelming, the creators have developed it in such a way that it is very easy to follow from the very first lesson to the last.

Because of this proper arrangement of the content, the program is very easy to understand and follow along putting into practice whatever you learn. The course starts with the basics of marketing as it advances to more complicated subjects.

What is affiliate marketing

The other good thing about the Quit 9 To 5 Academy is that the course does not culminate to a book or a CD, rather the creators continuously adds materials to the course as one progresses through the course.

Another good feature about the program is that it is not a web based program rather it is a living program in the sense that there is a very vibrant community of people who have joined the program. If you are stuck on any issue, you can ask for help from your fellow students or the moderators in the group.

Additionally, Mark conducts a class on this group every Monday evening to give more insights and tips on how to go about the program. This is all about getting you to make that first sale as soon as possible… this practical side is very important to us, which is why we wrote this Quit 9 to 5 Academy review. If you’ve made sales already as an affiliate, even better!

Why Should You Enroll In the Program?

– It Is Legit

First of all, the program is very legit since the creators have a wealth of experience on internet marketing. Moreover, Mark and Nick are real people which means they have a reputation to protect.

When you do a deeper search on, Mark, you will also discover that his other courses have very many followers which means that he must be doing something right. In any case, we’ll keep updating this review as more info is released.

– Helps You Make Big Money

The developers of the program promise that once you enrol and learn the basics of the game, then you will be in a position to make $100 day. As you continue learning new strategies and techniques, your earnings increase to $500 and reaches to a point where you will be earning $1000 per day!

Yes, you read that right $1000 per day. Although this might seem like an unachievable dream, once you make your first sale at whichever level, than you will realise that indeed it is doable.

Modules Included In The Program

As earlier stated, the program has a total number of 6 modules and inside each module there are a couple of lessons.

Highlighted below is a brief explanation on what you should expect to find under each module.

Module 1: Beginners Quick Start

The first module is all about laying the foundation of affiliate marketing. In the module, the instructors guide you into the world of affiliate marketing. It is a very easy to understand module and here are the lessons that you will find:

. Explanation of affiliate marketing
. How affiliate marketing works and what is in for you
. A list of 800 Ad accounts
. Finding your first offer that you can promote
. Information on the strategies that are already working
. How to set up your first money making funnel effortlessly
. Tracking secrets (we’ll review this one in particular in the near future)

Model 2: In This Module You Will Learn About the Fundamentals of Facebook Advertising

online success program

This section teaches you all you need to know about Facebook advertising.

This module includes:

. A guide which will show you all about FB advertising
. How to set up your very own auction hunter(Facebook pixel)
. How to structure your campaign in the proper manner
. How to use the existing page posts
. Coming up with creative images and videos for your Ads
. Creating effective body and headings for your ads
. First phase of testing new ads
. Guide on how to create your first Ads that make money

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Module 3: Reporting and Data

This module deals with data and reporting and the best way to use the data to help you understand your business better.

It covers the following areas:

. Interpreting the Facebook analytics
. Covers reporting in an extensive manner
. How to interpret the numbers so as to know your business
. The second phase which involves verification and scale

Module 4: Teaches You on When You Should Start to Scale up Ads

In this module you will learn when you should start on scaling your ads. You will also learn all you need to know about how you should verify ads.

The topics covered include:

. Verifying a winning ad
. How to successfully scale a winning ad
. Doing manual bidding successfully
. Strategies to help you in manual bidding
. What to and not do when SCALING UP (this is key!)

Successful campaigns

Module 5: More Advanced Strategies

The module is designed to teach you more advanced advertising and marketing methods.
The lessons covered in this module include:

. How to retarget
. Finding custom audiences
. How to get started with messenger
. How to automate messenger
. How to grow your messenger audience

Module 6: Additional Traffic Modules

The module is meant to teach you about manual bidding and how you should go about it.

. Manual bidding introduction
. Strategies for manual bidding
. The twenty percent scaling formula

There you go; those are the 6 modules that are found in the Quit 9 to 5 Academy affiliate marketing program. All the information contained in the program is very important and if you implement it, then you will see a tremendous improvement in your affiliate marketing endeavors. Plus, here’s a list of the best affiliate networks… should make your life easier.

All of this is why Quit Nine To Five Academy is so awesome.

Who’s Behind The Quit 9 To 5 Academy?

The developers of the program are Mark Ling and Nick Torson.

Mark Ling

Mark Ling
Mark Ling

As earlier stated Ling is an internet business guru and is also the founder of a very successful program known as the Profit Engine. He is very passionate about teaching and sharing his strategies and as such prepares programs whose principles are easy to understand.

Nick Torson

Nick was a floor installer who got tired of his 9 to 5 work and thought of a way that he could cater for his needs and that of his family in a more flexible way. That is when he started internet marketing and has never looked back since.

Like Mark, Nick also teaches people how to earn from affiliate marketing. He also shares pro tips and tactics on how to make it in affiliate marketing and how to correct something if it goes wrong.

Pros and Cons of the program


  • The program is easy to understand since it is written in a very simple language and is well presented
  • It is suitable for both newbies and veterans since everybody learns something new
  • Has a very lively support group on FB which will help you out when you face a challenge in the journey.
  • It is a very detailed course on affiliate marketing which will give you a very solid base on the area
  • The program is developed by very experienced and successful internet marketing gurus
  • There are weekly sessions conducted to help a student understand the techniques better


  • The product is highly priced which makes it unsuitable for low income earners and students
  • After the launch date, no more people will be allowed to join the course.

Similar programs in the market:

. Pathway to Passive
. Profit Engine
. AffiloJetpack

Training for Online income


So, is Quit 9 to 5 Academy worth joining?

As discussed above in this review, it is quite obvious that the program is legit and that there is much to be gained from the techniques taught in the course. However, the joining fee is very high and this might prove to be a major hindrance to a majority who might want to learn about affiliate marketing.



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