Manifestation Miracle REVIEW + Does it really, really work??

In our quest for spiritual and financial prosperity, we look towards God, meditation and very commonly life coaches. While each person strives to find what works for them, renowned life coaches drawn from all over the world are bringing influence into people’s lives.

Manifestation Miracle Review

Millions of people are very enthusiastic when it comes to trying certain get rich quick, health and life improvement programs. As a result, unscrupulous people have emerged with their own programs that do not level up to the buyer’s expectations.

This hurts the name of otherwise genuine life coaches who have taken time, spent money and sacrificed sleepless nights to build authentic programs that bring positive change into people’s lives.

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In this review, we dive into the “MM” program and tell you everything you need to know about it.

What is Manifestation Miracle and how legit is it?

Manifestation Miracle is a course meant to educate people on how to gain peace and prosperity. The course focuses on harnessing the law of attraction in order to achieve everything that you desire in your life.

This course is not a one size fits all so to speak. For some, it may work but for others, it’s like staring at a blank wall. Whatever happens, please leave your feedback and personal opinions in the comment section if it can help others.

Miracles do happen

The brains behind the program

Heather Matthews and Mark Ling are renowned life coaches and are the brains behind the course.

Heather Matthews is a life consultant who chooses to stray away from the conventional style of giving talks but instead focuses on using the flow of energy to bring positive change to people’s lives. She is well versed on issues surrounding the law of attraction. In a world full of scams, this is appreciated.

As a result, she has made a product that details her own experiences with the law of attraction and goes ahead to show people how they can achieve their goals just as she did. Heather who uses her face on the products is a good sign that this is a genuine course. Otherwise I wouldn’t spend time writing this review.

She has spent years building a good reputation for herself in the industry and would not risk losing it by releasing a shady course. On the other hand, Mark Ling is an entrepreneur whose name is quite familiar in the world of self-help. Most of the work done while compiling Manifestation Miracle reviews and program is thanks to him.

Through this course, both Mark and Heather teach people how to achieve happiness, wealth and health by using the law of attraction. The mind is regarded as a very powerful object. By drawing this power, you discover universal laws that help you achieve your goals and wildest dreams. You manifest things in your life that you only thought would happen through miracles, hence the title Manifestation Miracle.

Complete course package review

MM is not a scam

A complete package consists of videos, audios, guides, and an e-book. The e-book can be downloaded in PDF and is 162 pages long which is the main package. Guides and audiobooks are in MP3 and videos are in MP4 format all which are additional packages that spice up the program. All these contain a wealth of information about life in general. Aspects covered are in regard to love, abundance, wealth, spirituality, health, relationships, and happiness.

These aspects are neatly laid out and discussed in detail, each one at a time. For instance, each video is 15 minutes long and talks about each chapter. This goes to show that only experienced professionals were behind the production of this program. This as opposed to identical programs which are known to combine different topics in a disorderly manner in a bid to sell more and make fast cash. The Manifestation Miracles program is far from disorderly but instead, it is a product that requires time and dedication from everyone willing to try the course.

The e-book is divided into five main segments. They are as follows;

Success and destiny’s role in your life

Here, you are encouraged to reflect on different aspects of your life and identify what you want and think about the direction or course you want your life to take. In this section, you are also helped to realize what makes you happy. The main topic focuses on “Destiny tuning”. This is a technique that helps one to manifest what they desire into their lives. Here, Heather discusses further regarding Destiny Tuning and realizing your path. There additional topics all focused on helping you find a different perspective on life.

How to be in tune with your own destiny

Here you are supposed to answer questions about what is holding you back. You are to identify the real reasons as to what is barring you from realizing who you really are. What do you want in life? How can you get what you want in life? The lessons offered in this sections help you answer these questions and show you how to face all the issues you struggle with in life. You learn how to eliminate those issues and aim only for positive results. In addition, you are taught that words and thoughts are strong and can impact your life negatively. The biggest lesson in this section, therefore, is to learn how to control and monitor your negative words and negative thoughts.

Manifesting Miracles

How to use energetic vibrations and energetic affirmations to attract what you desire

In this segment, you learn how to attract what you desire in the quest of discovering peace and happiness. By raising positive vibrations, you get in line with your deepest self and ultimately attract all the amazing things you want into your life. Here you learn about your well-being and how you can achieve optimum health.

Helping you find or giving you reasons to be happy

Here you are encouraged to always be happy. Through whatever circumstance you are facing in your life, you are encouraged to always be happy. You are offered exercises and tips to help you achieve and discover true happiness. Through these lessons and exercises, you are taught to be happy every day all the time.


The beginning of Manifesting miracles

Keeping in mind everything you have learned in the aforementioned sections, here you are expected to have adopted a new attitude towards getting rid of all other negative energy that was holding you back in life. You are prepared to be open to receive the desires which by now you have learned to attract. You are offered a simplified guide with carefully laid out points to get to the top.

At the end of the course, you are awarded a workbook. This workbook is labeled the Abundant Success Workbook. The workbook is aimed to help you implement everything you learned. This is akin to getting homework after a lesson. There are a series of questions with blanks which you are required to fill in addition to taking action and reviewing on topics that you have read or heard in the course.

It is important to note that the Manifestation Miracle course is created specifically according to gender. When purchasing the course, the buyer is required to reveal their gender. It is advisable to state your true gender in order to reap as much knowledge from the course as possible.

What good and bad things should you know about the Manifestation Miracles program?

Heather Mathews program


  • It is way cheaper than other similar self-improvement programs on the market. The whole course is priced at only $47. Once you factor in the amount of work that has gone into compiling the course in addition to the lessons and teachings you will acquire, you can honestly accept that this course is very pocket-friendly. It gives you value way beyond your money.
  • Anyone who is open can benefit from the knowledge offered in the program. However new you may be to the law of attraction, for instance, you only need to be open to learning the lessons. Whether you are a young person or an older person, high class or middle class, moderately wealthy or very wealthy, whoever you are in life, you can bet that this course will serve a good purpose in your life. Provided you are committed and serious about improving and changing certain negative aspects of your life.
  • Of all the self-improvement programs out there, this must be the easiest one to listen to, read, understand and implement. If you are not much of a reader, the MM course offers you an audio version of the e-book. The good thing about this is that you can listen to the audio while doing other things. Whether it is eating, driving, washing the dishes or resting on the couch, you only have to press play and take in the teachings. Alternatively, the course uses easy terms and simple language in a bid to help everyone understand without facing difficulties. There are simple exercises for you to practice, and use of proper language presented in a way that is easily digested by the mind. It hence becomes effortless to apply the lessons learned as you know what it is that is expected of you.
  • In addition to buying Heather Mathews’ course, you get to receive other free goodies. Goodies such as Mind Tracks, Abundant success kits among other additions aimed at helping you understand more about what is offered in the main package.
  • If you purchase the course but do not find it helpful, you can have them reimburse your money. Provided it is within the required period of 60 days, you can most certainly ask for your cash back. Remember, as earlier stated, this is not a “one size fits all” kind of program. While anyone can benefit from the program, not everyone has the right open attitude or commitment to be able to benefit from it.


  • In addition to The Manifestation Miracle you are required to also purchase another product known as the Amazing self-series. (Update – Correction: Actually it’s not required) It is priced at $37 per month but it is offered for free in the first month. One has to purchase this additional product if they want to benefit from all that is offered in the entire package.
  • For the old-fashioned buyer or someone with problems looking at the screen for long durations, the sad thing is that this course is only available in digital format. The MM system is not available in printed format. The only option is for one to purchase the course and print it. This may force one to spend more cash and the printed format is only restricted to the audiobook as you cannot print video or audio.
  • One must dedicate a lot of time to the course. There are numerous exercises that you are required to complete. The exercises come with a guide that limits you from hurrying through but instead encourages you to take your time. Only a scam would promise quick results.
  • It may appear that at the start of the course, both Mark and Heather appear to be holding back and sort of modest. This may be a turn off for someone who was expecting to see coaches with bold personalities. However as one continues with the course they let loose and focus on teaching the lessons.
  • The main topics are continuously emphasized throughout the course. This forces the presenters to keep repeating certain phrases and lessons which may appear boring and too repetitive for someone who is naturally impatient.

End of my Manifestation Miracle review…

So, who is this for?

It does not matter if you are 8 Years old or 80 years old, man or woman, rich or poor, social or timid. You can take this course and read it and are guaranteed to learn from it.

This thing is so old it’s guaranteed not to be a scam. You must, however, believe in the law of attraction and be committed to seeing it work wonders in your life. Provided you are committed to following the lessons you are bound to see great change.

If you have tried and tested other programs without much success, then you are encouraged to give this course a try. Many have come out to credit the unconventional style used to help them realize their lives potential and acquire those miracles in life that they never thought possible.

Miracles, do, happen.

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