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Adtrics by Fred Lam

How many of you want to attain success in your online business and become a professional media buyer?

Well, as the media industry is growing, there is a huge demand for Certified Digital Media Buyers who can crack deals for your business and get the right advertisement space. But how many of you actually become a professional media buyer?

Not most of you!

So what you need to do if you are visualizing a future in this niche? Fred Lam has come up with a unique and amazing course that will offer you complete certification along with in-depth knowledge.

Before we start exploring the Adtrics program, you all should have the basic knowledge about a Media Buyer. A media buyer is a guy in every company who is responsible to connect with the media agencies and derive business in terms of advertising space on the TV channels, newspapers or the digital platform.

For some of you, it seems to be an easy task to connect with the media agencies and crack the advertising deal, but the biggest hurdle is increasing competition and data research. To become a media buyer, you need to learn the available data of your audience and manipulate it into positive results.


Who is Fred Lam?

Fred Lam products

There is a story of the struggle behind every successful guy on this planet. The same is with Fred Lam too! He started his journey as a dishwasher in a restaurant, but he knew that there is something else waiting for him.

So, he starts teaching himself and grow his skills in advertising on the internet. He has written one of his famous award-winning books named Zero-Up.

Fred Lam always loves to share what he has learned and that’s the reason why he builds different learning plans for the learners and shares the knowledge. You can explore more about Fred Lam on the Wikipedia page or his social platforms.

Now let’s take a dive into this Adtrics program and visualize its benefits for the learners.

What’s Adtrics Academy Program?

Adtrics review

Adtrics Program is an 8-week enrollment based program that helps you become a certified media buyer in the digital world. Everyone who is interested to take this program can get enrolled through the Enrolment option present on the website.

The students who take this course will have the opportunity to connect with Fred Lam and get live Coaching Calls at a scheduled time. They also have the option to record the call listen to it afterward.

What’s inside the Adtrics Program?

In this 8-weeks online training program, you will learn a lot. The important learning that you will get includes:

  • Introducing yourself in the Media Industry.
  • How to get traffic from Social Media and transform it into a healthy profit.
  • Getting the details about hyperactive buyers to grow your business.
  • Building a strategy to maintain huge traffic on a daily basis.
  • Learn the mastery of YouTube advertising.
  • Learn the skills to grow your knowledge and expertise.
  • Finally, learn to become a professional media buyer in the digital world.

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This entire Adtrics Program includes various other knowledge assets that will really help you build an online business and take it to the heights.

Taking this program will provide you 6 brilliant strategic frameworks that can be applied to any sort of online business and grow the overall sales. Along with that, you will also learn to analyze the big data and transform it into huge traffic as well as healthy revenue.


There is another angle of this online Adtrics program by Fred Lam. Once you successfully complete the online training and become a certified media buyer, you will even have the option to work for Fred Lam and help him promote his business to a 6-figure profit.

However, you can also continue building your own 6-figure business as you build online recognition.

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Does it offer any Bonus for the Buyers?

Now, this is something that will make you surprised and even compel you to buy this amazing Adtrics program. Well, the mastermind of this program i.e. Fred Lam has built this entire program encompassing regular course along with some bonus. But before we explain you the complete bonus list, you should be aware that the entire bonus is made available with an additional payment.

Bonus 1: Private Media Buyer Alliance FB Group: The Facebook Group is created by Fred Lam where many other expert media buyers are gathered to provide you all the latest trends and ongoing updates in the media industry. For this Bonus, you need to pay an additional amount of $797 USD.

Bonus 2: Weekly Copywriting Mastery: To get more conversion, it’s important to convert your audience with the power of words. Hence you need to learn the mastery of copywriting. Under this, you will be given 4-week coaching to boost your copywriting skills. For this skill, there will an extra charge of $1997 USD.

Bonus 3: Exclusive Invite to MIB (Marketers in Black): Last but not least, this bonus will offer you to attend the 3-days live event in Vancouver, Canada. Here you will get a chance to meet the founder of Adtrics Program, Fred Lam along with other Digital market buyers. For this benefit, you need to pay $1997 USB extra.

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How to Enroll in Adtrics Program [Step By Step Process]

Now, when you have decided to take this program and become a professional media buyer, you need to know the complete process of enrolment. For that, you need to follow the steps as given below.

Step 1: Enroll Button: The entire enrolment process starts with a single click on the ENROLL button. On the landing page, you will find various buttons that will directly take you to the enroll page.

Step 2: Join Adtrics Now: Once you land on the enroll page, you will see the number of spots available along with the ‘Join Adtrics Now” button. You can read the entire benefits narrated on the page and once you get satisfied, click on the button.

Step 3: Select Your Payment Plan: The click on the above-given button will take you to the bottom of the page displaying the Payment option. Basically, there are two payment options that you can opt.

  • Payment Option 1: One Time complete Payment, which includes the payment of $2495 USD in one go. This will help you save $496 USD.
  • Payment Option 2: If you are unable to pay in one go, you can even choose to do it in 3 smaller monthly payments of $997 .

Step 4: Submit Your Details: Now you need to submit your personal information like Name, Email ID, address, Phone number.

Step 5: Checkout: Now you need to submit your payment details and checkout to get media buyer certification from Adtrics program. If you are not interested to use your card for payment, you can even use the Paypal for checkout.

Important Note: if you have a special code or promo code, you can use it and get amazing discounts.

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Things That I love the Most [Features]:

Completely Online: The entire course is built for online learning that makes it highly convenient and effective for the learners. Alongside, being online in nature you can easily take this course from any location in the world. Fred Lam has invested all his skills to churn out this masterpiece for the needy people.

No Basic Knowledge Required: In most of the certifications, coaching classes, you need to have some basic knowledge of the course. But in case of Adtrics program, you can even start with zero knowledge. All you need is the zeal to complete the course and become a professional media buyer in the digital field.

Reasonable Price: If you are actually looking to introduce yourself in the digital industry, this is really going to be the best program that you can take. However, if you want some extra knowledge, you need to pay separately for them. There are different bonus programs that you can take, but they are separately charged.

Easy Checkout: The entire process of payment is made simple and sorted. There is no hassle seen in the checkout and payment. Also, the Paypal is given as an alternative which is alongside an advantage for those who are unable to use their Card.

Opportunity to Work with Fred Lam: After you are done with your coaching, you will even get the opportunity to work with Fred Lam and learn more about media buyer in the digital industry.


This is all I have to say about Fred Lam’s Adtrics program… I do think it can help A LOT if you want to build a successful online biz in the digital media buying sector.

What’s sweet about media buying is how much traffic you can send to a given offer, and how quickly you figure out what works and what doesn’t.

If a given campaign doesn’t produce results, stop it and try with a different approach on a different site.

The downside is that may lose some money on your initial campaigns. The solution: Start small, master your niche, and ONLY scale up once you know what you’re doing.

In my opinion and experience, that should take a couple months of trial and error… but it’s soo worth it, and obviously some people have great intuition and are successful from the very start.

This process forces you to learn so fast that it’s only a matter of time…

*** UPDATE: Adtrics was released today, HERE’S where you can join at the cheapest possible price… I honestly do recommend it!

Here’s a Q&A with Fred himself which I thought was very insighful.

If you think this is a business model you can master, absolutely go for it.

I will include a link here in a few days when the final version of the program is released, so you can join at the most affordable price possible.

Thanks for checking out my review! 🙂




Quick Disclaimer: I may be compensated for some of the links I include.

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