Leads Hunter by Fred Lam (Review): Good or bad?


Leads Hunter Review

Lead generation is a crucial part in the lives of online marketers.

Imagine this… you’re on Facebook, and while scrolling, you’ve come across this very catchy infographic from a certain hair salon. You’ve been directed to their website and you took some sort of “quiz” or “survey” on how you take care of your hair. Since you clicked on the infographic, it’s clear that you are somehow interested in their service, which makes you the LEAD.

Lead Generation is the process of attracting strangers into “checking out” their service and eventually turning these “strangers” into a sale. It’s a strategy that marketers and businesses do to charm potential customers towards their offers. This involves gathering visitors’ information and whatnot.

In this review article, let me, once again, walk you through this product that I’ve newly-found called “Leads Hunter“. Based on the things that I’ve already imparted with you a few seconds ago, I know you somehow have an idea about this program. Amma right?

What is Leads Hunter?

Leads Hunter Home Page

As stated on the official website, Leads Hunter, a program that will be available in the market in November this year, 2020, simply means a brigade of highly trained lead generation specialists who are dedicated to delivering targeted leads to grow your business competitively.

It means that generating leads for your website doesn’t actually have to be THAT hard. You don’t have to do it on your own, and there are actual people who can do the job for you; all you have to do is wait for the sales to come through.

Leads Hunter‘s mission is to disrupt traditional advertising with a new and streamlined “SPEAR” approach for lead generation. Rather than focusing the customers’ efforts on generating strategies, Leads Hunter’s “brigade” of Certified Lead Generation Specialists will do all the vital work for them.

With that being said, you can have the chance to become a “LeadsHunter” yourself, of course, for the equitable price. Stated on their website are the perks if you become one of their “Certifed Leads Hunter“.

Every “LeadsHunter” goes through extensive 7-week tactical training to learn about different advertising and lead-hunting strategies for different business industries. In addition to that, they are required to pass a certification exam to receive the designation as a Certified Lead Generation Specialist. To keep the LeadsHunters’ professional craftsmanship up-to-date with industry trends, they are equipped with continuous training. Their certification will also need to be updated every year to maintain their designation.

But before all that, let’s back up a little bit…. what the fudge is this “SPEAR” approach?

Leads Hunter’s SPEAR Approach

SPEAR Approach

  • STRATEGIZE– they begin by identifying the prospective customers and understanding their interests and needs so that your service can be the solution to their problems.
  • PLAN– the step where you plan a focused advertising strategy for every prospect to find out who you are, what products or services you provide, and how you differ from your competitors in the market.
  • EXECUTE– the next step where you execute a targeted advertising campaign by crafting the perfect narrative to attract high propensity leads into your sales funnel and building the like-trust factor for your brand.
  • ANALYZE– finally, Leads Hunter analyzes the campaign data to help you win more qualified leads and increase your chances of converting them into sales for your business.
  • REPEAT– until you get a steady stream of sales so that you can focus your time on growing your business cost-effectively.

With Leads Hunter’s dedicated lead automation software, all generated leads will be distributed to your multi-touch points in real-time. Not only will you have full transparency of your leads, but you will also be able to prioritize your lead follow-up strategies with its lead scoring metric.

This honestly sounds like a promising and bankable program, but I’m sure you’re already curious who’s made this product possible, right?

The Founder— Fred Lam

Fred Lam

Fred Lam is a founder and CEO of Leads Hunter and other programs like iPro Academy, Zero Up, Water Liberty, and several other ventures, with the purpose to empower other individuals with online business opportunities.

He started off as a dishwasher to generating a $40 million revenue through his journey. The guy quite literally went from rags to riches. A little cliche there, but luck does actually happen to driven people.

Online marketing is basically the core of Fred’s successes. Apart from being a well-to-do online marketer, he is also an author of the book “The Traffic Trilogy“. Today, Fred teaches people how to create their online e-commerce businesses in a carefully, easy-to-follow, step-by-step process. He guides how you can maximize and grow your profits through online marketing. What brings him the most joy, is knowing some of his students today, have generated more than six figures and even seven figures online.

Fred Lam Instagram Account

He came from the lowest point of his life, and with that, he believes in the power of giving back. One of his businesses, Water Liberty, has been working with two charities. One of them, since the summer of 2014 to complete a water project in West Bengal, India, building two wells for a community of 400 people. And the other- Trees for the Future. As of June 2018, over 175,761 trees were planted, and the numbers are still growing every single day.

Fred’s goal is to empower new online entrepreneurs through his online courses and speaking engagements.

He also does Youtube videos from time to time to share his experiences regarding online marketing, and how he reached his peak of success. His channel has gained almost 90K subscribers and has almost 4 million views over the past years.

Fred Lam Youtube Channel

He’s doing good in the business and is very successful. If you ask me, I’m quite impressed by the way he’s made it this far despite all the hardships and struggles life had thrown at him. Kudos, Fred!

Now that you got to know the creator, let’s continue with Leads Hunter because you still have a lot to learn… 😉

What Is The Cost & What Does The Program Offer?

Leads Hunter Price

For a one-time payment of $1,497 or a three-time payment of $597, you will become a “Certified LeadsHunter“, and when you become a Certified LeadsHunter“, you’ll be entitled to these perks that will help you and/or your business exponentially:

  1. Complete Training Access To Dropship Lead Academy

    All the training is designed with two outcomes in mind. They’re results-driven and easy-to-follow so “even a 7-year old can follow the steps” to start seeing results.

    Inside Dropship Leads Academy, you’re going to learn an unprecedented system that they’ve used to help BMW generate $6.29 per lead.

    This ingenious system inside Dropship Leads Academy works for ANY businesses you can think of.

  2. 7-Weeks Of LIVE Coaching Call With Them & Become A Certified LeadsHunter

    The goal is to disrupt the money-sucking advertising and marketing agencies that are producing zero results for businesses.

    However, they can’t do it alone.

    This is why they’ve designed a 7-week live coaching call with Fred Lam, the innovator of this ingenious Dropship Lead System to break through all the barriers and challenges that you may face.

    In fact, they even have a Certification Program and when you are certified you may be part of the team to help them with their largest automotive contract in history.

    They are on track to close over 100 automotive dealerships, and they don’t have the capacity to do it alone. And if you’ve gone through all the training, their 7-week coaching calls, and passed the examination, they will potentially give you THEIR clients once they’ve inked the contract.

  3. The 7-Figure LeadsHunter Sales Deck

    As a Certified LeadsHunter, you’re going to get a copy of their sales deck that you can use to close almost ANY businesses you can think of.

    The best part is – you don’t even need to be a world-class closer to seal the deals.

    This 7-Figure LeadsHunter Sales Deck is complete, fill-in-the-blank and they will even walk you through STEP-BY-STEP on how to use it to get businesses to pay you up to $50 per lead.

    Hiring lead generation specialists

  4. Have Your Name On The LeadsHunter’s Directory As A Prestige LeadsHunter

    Once you’re certified, you’ll have a PERSONAL profile on the directory and be endorsed directly from their companies so you gain instant authority with your clients.

    However, in order for you to get listed in the LeadsHunter Directory, you must pass the exam and become a Certified LeadsHunter.

    Two promises to help you gain clients:

    Promise #1: They’re going to ADVERTISE with their own money to the directory and get you the clients.

    Promise #2: A secret list of over 250 businesses that are dying to get your help handed to you.

  5. Private Invitation To Our Global Community

    A personal invitation from them to have you join their global community and be part of the “biggest movement in history.”

    They want you to work with other LeadsHunters and receive additional help from them to get the results you want. Their goal is to house all their LeadsHunters in one place to disrupt the industry together.

    Fred Lam Leads Hunter CEO

  6.  Licensed LeadsTunnel Agent To Earn Lifetime Commissions

    In order for you to get the HOTTEST leads for your clients, and to automate the entire process, your clients must use LeadsTunnel.

    They don’t want you to just get your clients to use LeadsTunnel, they want to REWARD you for helping them get more users with LeadsTunnel.

    That being said, once you’re certified, you will get an exclusive referral link that you can use to get your clients into LeadsTunnel.

    Each time your client pays them- you earn a handsome commission.

    In fact, you’re going to get LIFETIME commissions for as long as your clients continue using LeadsTunnel.

    So not only are you going to make some insane profit by generating leads for your upcoming clients, you’re going to make even more money by referring your clients to use LeadsTunnel.

    They do NOT have an affiliate program or referral program for LeadsTunnel, but you’re getting a backdoor link to earn LIFETIME commissions with it.

  7. ONE Done-For-Your Facebook Lead Ads Campaign

    It’s really intimidating to create FIRST Facebook Lead Ads for your client and Leads Hunter believes in learning through experience.

    Their goal is to get you RESULTS and not worry about the risk.

    Moreover, they want to make sure you deliver INSANE results for your first client and help you earn all the profits you deserve.

    So to turn this hope into a reality – they’ve gotten Fred Lam to offer you ONE Done-For-You campaign!

    Over the 7-week live coaching call, Fred will set up an ENTIRE campaign for you so you look like a rockstar in front of your client while getting you amazing results.

    However, this is SUPER LIMITED and it’s FIRST COME FIRST SERVE.

* Below is what’s included in a 1 (one) DFY Facebook Ad Campaign if you become a “Prestige Status of Leads Hunter“:

Done-For-You Facebook Lead Ad Campaign

  • Full Training & Systems (Value: $4,997)
    Get Instant Access Into Our Dropship Leads Academy To Learn How You Can Quickly Start Making Up To $50 Per Lead Without Sending A Single Email To Your List!
  • 7-Week Live Coaching & Certification (Value: $5,997)
    To Help Us Disrupt The Advertising Industry And To Ensure Your Success, You’ll Get PERSONAL Coaching From Fred Lam To Become A Certified LeadsHunter!
  • 1-Year Free Access To LeadsTunnel Software (Value: $1,497)
    Get An Entire Year Of Free Access To Our Secret Software To Streamline The Way You Manage Your Leads & Convert Them Into Sales!
  • The 7-Figure LeadsHunter Sales Deck (Value: $1,997)
    Get A Copy Of The EXACT Sales Deck That Helped Us Close The Largest Automotive Group In Canada!
  • Certified LeadsHunter Directory (Value: $2,997)
    Earn Your Prestige Status As A LeadsHunter And Be Listed In Our LeadsHunter’s Directory Where You Get To Use It To Get More Deals
  • Fast-Action Bonus #1: (Value: $697)
    Private Access To Our Global Community Of LeadsHunters To Get Additional Help!
  • Fast-Action Bonus #2:
    Licensed LeadsTunnel Agent To Earn Recurring Commissions From LeadsTunnel

Done For You FB Ad Campaign


Who is Leads Hunter For?

This program is basically for any online marketers who want their business website to gain more traffic and/or sales by hiring legitimate lead generation specialists similar to “LeadHunters”. They are vital, actual people who only want what’s best for your business.

It’s also for anyone who wants to learn how lead generation works. As I’ve mentioned earlier, you can definitely purchase the course that will let you learn everything you need to know about generating leads.

I personally think it’s quite genius. Fred indeed is genius, for creating such a program that will allow other people to gain sales and/or profits. Thanks, buddy, you selfless dork.

Final Say

I was planning to put a “Pros and Cons” section up above, but I would totally just blabber about everything I like, so far, about Leads Hunter and that would make me sound so biased, so I’ve decided to just leave it. But I swear to the graves that I will add that section once the program is launched, so make sure to come back in November! 😉

If you’re here, then you’re most probably aware that Leads Hunter isn’t up in the market yet, right? I know this isn’t much, but I will add everything once I finally get to know the program more. I’m just genuinely happy that I got to share with y’all the information that I’ve gathered by far.

I hope I’ve shed light on the stuff you came here for. In the meantime, you can check out all other systems and programs I did reviews for while we’re all patiently waiting for Leads Hunter. Would that be okay? 😉

Please leave us a line (or two) whether do you think Leads Hunter is a good investment, or you have something else in mind. Either way, I’m stoked to know! 🙂

Let’s see each other in November, okay? Ciao!


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