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Video marketing blaster review

Content marketing has changed dramatically with the rise of smart phones.

Since people now have web browsers and the YouTube app on their mobile devices, looking for answers to their queries has never been more convenient.

This is why video marketing has dramatically changed how content marketing campaigns usually go. While written information will always be valuable, there will certainly be cases where videos serve as the better kind of platform.

Indeed, many content creators can attest that entering the YouTube marketplace has brought them amazing results. The problem is, since YouTube is filled with practically millions of videos at this point, it can be pretty difficult to make your content stand out.

Fortunately, Video Marketing Blaster (VMB) can help you bring your videos to the first page of the YouTube search results.

In this Video Marketing Blaster review, we’ll talk about the importance of search results ranking for your videos. You’ll also learn how VMB can help you attract the people who are looking for your content.

Attracting Clicks and Traffic: Why Should It Matter?

As technology continues to evolve, we can all be sure that YouTube viewership won’t be dropping anytime soon. In fact, majority of internet traffic now comes from watching videos. Be it an entertaining video or an informative one, there’s definitely something for everyone.

Indeed, there’s so much that can be delivered in a minute-long clip. But whether your video is long or short, what’s more important is that it actually manages to reach its target audience.

This won’t happen if your video details aren’t optimized for the Google and YouTube search engines. Fortunately, with the help of Stoica and Vlad’s Video Marketing Blaster, you’ll have an easier time attracting traffic to your videos.

Who Are Stoica and Vlad?

Stoica and Vlad have established themselves as the go-to guys when it comes to video and YouTube marketing. Stoica is the marketing arm of their duo, while Vlad is the coder that looks for YouTube algorithms to exploit.

Their partnership started more than a decade ago when they worked together as freelance internet marketers. They started out with SEO before eventually moving to YouTube — which became their primary niche for their campaigns.

Now, they have the Blaster Suite which includes Video Marketing Blaster and Thumbnail Blaster, among many others.

What Will You Get from This Software?

To make Video Marketing Blaster work for you, you simply have to follow the software’s 3 simple steps. These are:

  1. Gather Untapped Keywords: Once you enter your primary niche, VMB will gather as many untapped keywords as it can for you. You can readily exploit these keywords and watch it attract the kind of traffic that converts!
  2. Optimize Search Results: In this step, VMB will analyze your competitors and determine the weak spots in their videos. After which, VMB will list down all the possible titles, video descriptions, and tags that will get your video on your target audience’s radar.
  3. Apply the Keywords and Upload Your Videos: Now that you have the keywords that can help you rank on YouTube, you simply have to integrate them into your content when you upload your video. Then, sit back, relax, and watch your channel views shoot up!

VMB Modules

Users will go through the aforementioned steps with the help of VMB’s modules. Here’s how they work:

Module 1: Keyword Finder

As Stoica and Vlad were developing Video Marketing Blaster, they noted that 90% of video marketers aren’t targeting the right keywords. What does this mean for you if you’re a content creator?

Well, this means that your audience will likely have to sift through tens to hundreds of results before finding you.

Most content creators make the mistake of trying to rank for a single short-tail keyword. The issue with this is that short-tail keywords are oftentimes too general. As a result, you’ll be competing with a lot of other creators for that particular keyword.

To solve this, VMB’s keyword finder will pull up highly descriptive BUYER keywords that people use when they search for information on Google. These are also the very keywords that are attracting the clicks for your competitors.

Of course, you can always try to search for the right keywords manually. Or, you can simply focus on the quality of your content and let VMB do the work for you.

Module 2: Video Details

You probably already noticed that YouTube has now become a highly competitive platform for all sorts of content creators. Hence, it’s no longer enough that you consistently produce high-quality content.

At this point, you also have to figure out how to make yourself stand out from your competitors.

Through this module, VMB will analyze the competition and determine which keywords are the most popular for those kinds of contents. Then, it will generate a balanced combination of these keywords for your title, video description, and tags.

As a result, you’ll get the perfect balance of keywords that will make your videos rank well on both YouTube and Google.

VMB Bonuses

The first big bonus is a VIP invite to VMB’s Private Live Training Lesson. Valued at $497, you’ll learn how you can establish your very own video marketing business with the help of VMB. Other bonuses include:

  • Affiliate Promo Video Intros Pack: Are you going into YouTube to promote affiliate products? This video pack is especially developed to get your affiliate marketing campaigns on your audience’s radar.
  • 20 Apple Style Intro/Outro Videos: Need intro and outro sequences that convert? VMB comes with 20 sequences in various niches. Examples include weight loss, change your life, and WordPress.
  • 500+ Vintage Photos Pack: Sometimes, vintage photos are the better images to use to get your point across. With VMB, you won’t have to worry about finding any of that, thanks to this photo pack.
  • 850 Royalty Free Images: On top of the vintage photos pack, you’ll also get 850 royalty and copyright-free images for your videos and website.
  • The YouTube Review Trick E-book: This e-book is filled with information that will show you how to maximize product launches. This is especially helpful if you’re in the affiliate marketing niche.
  • 100 Music Loops PLR: Some videos become more memorable when there’s background music involved. Keep your viewers’ attention to your channel by engaging their sense of sound.
  • Audio Video Platinum Pack: VMB also comes with other royalty-free audio tracks and videos to help you further improve your content.

Does VMB Have Any Upsells?

VMB has 3 upsells. These are:

  1. Video Marketing Blaster Pro ($47/quarter): The VMB Pro version includes 2 additional modules, namely Niche Analysis and Rank Tracking. These will give you access to more stats regarding your videos.
  2. Video Marketing Blaster Local Pack ($37 one-time fee): This includes 20+ titles, description templates, and tags to help rank your videos. 20+ local niches are included in this particular pack.
  3. Live Event Blaster ($67 one-time fee): Do you also hold livestreams for your channel? Then you’ll benefit from this upsell. This will help you create, schedule and rank your livestreams with just 2 clicks.

Who is This Software For?

VMB is primarily marketed towards YouTube content creators who want to make the most out of their YouTube channel. However, it can also help even those content marketers who are currently not exploring the YouTube platform.

Basically, as long as you put out videos for content, VMB will be useful to you in one way or another. That’s because it specializes in pulling up keywords that are going to help you rank not just in YouTube, but also in Google.

Thus, if you want to drive traffic to your videos in the most efficient way possible, VMB may be the solution that you’re looking for.

What Do Users Like About VMB?

A lot of Video Marketing Blaster reviews report that they’ve gotten a significant improvement in their views and channel stats upon using VMB. In fact, many users have gotten their videos ranked 1st on the search results with the help of long-tail keywords.

Because of its results, many content creators have seen how reliable VMB can be when it comes to delivering quality traffic. Best of all, the software’s interface is straightforward and very easy to navigate. Even new users won’t have a hard time figuring things out for themselves.

VMB, together with other software from the Blaster Suite, has been significantly helpful in propelling content to the top spot of YouTube search rankings.

Should You Get It?

For only $27 (plus a few upsells), you’ll learn to harness the power of keywords to attract loyal viewers.

If you feel like you can benefit from a video marketing software that’s user-friendly and has a ton of features that will improve your channel traffic, then getting VMB is worth considering.

VMB also has good customer support should you have any issues with anything. However, it’s worth noting that the software still has some glitches and its analytics are sometimes not that accurate. Nonetheless, these don’t take away from the good results that it brings.

Is It a Scam?

No, VMB is not a scam. In fact, Stoica and Vlad are very confident that this product will do its job, that they’re offering a 60-day money-back guarantee if it doesn’t fulfill its promises.

Final Thoughts on Video Marketing Blaster

There are a lot of factors that come into play when determining what makes a particular video successful. These days, it’s no longer just about the quality of one’s content. It’s also about knowing how to deliver that content to the right audience.

Indeed, being on YouTube and thriving on it can be difficult. Thankfully, with the help of Video Marketing Blaster, it doesn’t have to be.



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