The Abundance Accelerator REVIEW… I did believe in this, but

review for the abundance accelerator


When you’re on rock-bottom, you tend to question every single thing or choice you’ve ever done in your life.

You’ll end up pondering the path you had taken.

I’m not certain if that is the situation for you, but it certainly does apply to me.

I’ve started being crazy about the law of attraction, astrology, manifestation… stuff like that…

I thought I was missing something because I didn’t believe in such, but the bloody truth is, and I’ve just known, that all of those things don’t actually work exactly the way they’re supposed to.

Yes, I was once a believer, I admit.

But, after knowing this particular program, everything just immediately made sense to me.

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It tells you that you can’t manifest things just by directing your mind to it.

‘Cause apparently, our mindset works through sound & emotions.

To give you a clearer description, I’ll give you a scenario…

How Does Sound & Emotions “Re-Imprint” Your Life

Every time we let someone affects our mood, it delivers some kind of negative energy directly to our mind.

The common denominator? Sounds.

The sounds we hear every day affect how we think, act, and respond to things.

manifest and realign

When we’re having a good day and you suddenly hear some pretty bad news, we tend to be affected by it. Emotions.

That is completely normal, by the way.

We are humans, and we have feelings.

But what this particular program is trying to say is that sounds play a big role in achieving our life goals.

Sounds ridiculous, and quite sensationalist, but yup, that definitely checks out.

To re-imprint our life, we need powerful sources such as optimistic friends, lively music, and anything that can potentially help us “re-wire” our path in life.

If you want to understand more, let me show you this program I totally fancy for its unique characteristics.


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*Quick disclaimer: The Abundance Accelerator review that you’re about to see is written in the simplest manner, and for informational purposes only. This is not, in any way, made to deceive or sway potential customers’ minds.*

The Abundance Accelerator

abundance accelerator

The Abundance Accelerator is a program designed to “manipulate” your emotions into abundance.

Like I’ve just said, emotions and sounds play such a big role in achieving one’s goals.

In a simpler explanation, this system will help you find your inner peace through the help of sounds. Sounds that are produced to calm you and realign your mindset.

These sounds claim to remove all the negative emotions lurking and destroying your mind and cells in our body.

I know it does sound ridiculous because it’s far different from the programs we are used to having. Am I right?

As early as now, I want you to know that this one has a walking and breathing creator– with a face.

Not that it truly matters, but for some, it does matter.

The Abundance Accelerator system is made to help anyone see right through things. Yep, it’s a little crazy, but it has quite the potential if you just give it a chance.

It’s made to accelerate abundance right your way. See what I did there? πŸ˜‰

How Does it Work?

Abundance Accelerator claims to be an incredibly “powerful” program that works by helping anyone change the frequency of their magnet in three ways.

  1. It removes all the negative emotions that are cemented in the cells of the body and creating a feedback loop that’s keeping life on repeat. You will feel your energy becoming lighter and quieter as feelings of fear, anxiety, shame, and anger begin to vanish.
  2. It imprints your cellular memory with the emotions related to love, success, health, wealth, and happiness. You will begin to vibrate with a clear and pure signal that is perfectly tuned to everything you want just like a pitch-perfect note in a beautiful piece of music.
  3. It gives you the power to amplify your manifesting powers to quickly draw everything you want like a super-strong magnet.

Having this go-to program is like having a genuinely positive friend ready to take on any action with you without having to deal with any negative emotions afterward.

That sounds like a good deal.

But, first…

What Can You Get From The Program?


Well, aside from it will draw lots of opportunities and success your way… it also comes with several perks to complete the abundance club. πŸ˜‰

  • Tap In & Tune Up– a step-by-step “blueprint” that will give you the exact formula to tap into the pulse of the universe and tune-up to the abundance that’s already yours. It is the “secret sauce” that will inevitably spice up your being.
  • Energy Aligner– a detoxifying reset button for your energy. You’ll feel your negative, toxic, and destructive energy dissolves from every cell and your entire body comes into alignment. Just press play, listen and let your energy shift as you have a good night’s sleep.
  • Abundance Amplifier– a “life-enhancing” amplifier to replenish your connection to pure abundance and reshape your cellular memory with eh imprint of success, love, happiness, health, and wealth.
  • Energy Booster– a guide to the core of your energy where your true power lies. You will be reconnected to your own energy so you can tune into that pure and clear signal and adjust your ‘voltage‘ whenever you need to increase your manifesting powers.

Apart from that, the creator also offers lots of amazing bonuses free of charge. :O

  • BONUS #1: ABUNDANCE BLOCK ELIMINATORabundance blocks eliminator

A powerful tool to help you release the energy of past experiences that are standing between you and the abundance that you deserve.

  • BONUS #2: ANXIETY ALLEVIATORanxiety alleviator

The excellent way to break through anxiety and fear so you can acknowledge opportunities when they occur and take confident action in the direction of your dreams. This is for those people who are terrified of taking on new challenges with the fear of messing up.

  • BONUS #3: EMOTIONAL TRIGGER DIFFUSERemotional trigger diffuser

Includes the seven most compelling strategies to diffuse negative emotional charge throughout all future experiences so you can keep yourself in absolute consistency with everything you want.

  • BONUS #4: ENERGY CLEARER HO’OPONOPONOenergy clearer ho'oponopono

One of the most effective ‘cleansing‘ tools in the world and a powerful ancient Hawaiian prayer that will clean your energy from the inside out; connects you to your natural state of abundance. Use daily to bring certainty and tranquillity to your everyday life.

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Apart from that, you will be guided every step of the way using the sounds provided in the program. It’s like being ushered by the universe itself through the path of abundance.

Too good to be true it seems, but I believe in it.

How Much Does It Cost?


Lemme ask you… how much do you think does it cost?

Granted all the perks you will get once you purchase the program… and probably working everything out to your liking… at your own pace.

Gave up?

Well, everything costs $27 ONLY.abundance accelerator package

I mean, come on. It’s probably the cheapest one so far. Have you seen one lower than that?

What do you think? Would you get it?

Who Is The Abundance Accelerator For?

The Abundance Accelerator is for anyone who wants to better their life.

Who doesn’t want that, am I right?

But social media makes it harder to believe and commit to anything these days.

My take on this would be… don’t let anything fool or rush you into stuff your heart and mind aren’t completely into.success

This might sound a little contradicting to my review, but I’m not going to force you into purchasing the program unless you truly crave it.

This is for people who are brave enough to take a new path of success but are also ready for the idea of losing some.


Yes, losing.

Losing the heavy feeling of not having enough, just barely surviving.

My goal in life is to thrive, not just survive.

To be quite honest with you, I’m still at the latter.

But I’m getting to the progress… gradually. Hopefully.

So, yeah, there ya have it. I hope I made this section clear with my viewpoint. πŸ™‚

About the Creator: Allanah Hunt

who is allanah hunt

Allanah is an author, a teacher, a Manifestation Mentor, and an Empowerment Coach.

Her purpose is to encourage people to recognize the power they have to build a life that brings comfort, joy, and freedom. She teaches how to control the power of The Law of Attraction and lead people into alignment with those things they want to experience.

She’s had her fair share of highs and lows in all aspects of life.

The reason for her creations is the same reason she’s had while struggling to reach her goals all those years: to attain abundance. To help people do the same.

Now, one of the reasons why I believe that this a legitimate program is that the author is brave enough to show her face to the world, she is not afraid to take on any difficulties, may it be the divorce or the cynicism of people.allanah hunt

All she wants is for other people to have what she now has. Everything she has, for that matter.

Not only that, but she’s also the voice behind The Abundance Accelerator comforting & gratifying sounds. When you purchase the program, it’ll feel like she’s with you every step of the way… guiding and nurturing you.



  • Uses different yet effective technique
  • Easy to follow & understand
  • The cheapest program thus farmoney-back guarantee
  • You will get a lot of useful strategies
  • 60-day money-back guaranteed


  • Can only be purchased/downloaded online
  • Needs constant commitment
  • You need to follow the exact guidelines the way it’s presented, so you won’t end up blaming it if something goes south.

Is It a Scam?

The Abundance Accelerator has a lot of potential to it, and the author has proven herself worthy of the trust.

She is a reliable fountain of knowledge about these things, thus making her programs worth having.

I sound biased, all right, but I’m just saying.

I believe Abundance Accelerator is not a scam. If you the time, you can check out other people’s reviews about it and see for yourself.

It’s a Wrap!

Yay, so happy I got to write about one thing I truly aspire to have– ABUNDANCE. *crying puppy face*

Well, it has been a great journey. I hope I have presented you with just the right info you need about the program itself, and the accompanying details…

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If you have anything to say about The Abundance Accelerator, please, we want to hear them so drop us a line! πŸ™‚

Until our next review. Feel free to suggest products you want us to look into for the next review.

Bye for now! πŸ™‚


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