Are Biorhythm Charts REAL?? Can your loved ones benefit??


Have you ever looked and read your daily horoscope and an imaginary light bulb automatically ticks because it’s so accurate? Ever since I became aware of my astrology sign and what it meant, it eventually became my hobby to ready my daily horoscope.

It tells me about what might happen and what I shouldn’t do in order to repel negative energies. It shows my lucky color and number for the day to which you might find funny, but yes I sometimes do follow it. I mean, I’ve got nothing to lose! Lol.

Well, some of you might not believe in those. But as for the others, there’s really no harm in accepting the idea that we all are interested in our future right? At the end of the day, those are just guides and you have the freedom on whether to follow it or not.

Ever since then, I became interested in not just horoscopes but as well as fortune-telling, palm reading, astrology, I eventually came across biorhythms. It is another kind of pseudoscience that we will try to focus on for today.

What is a Biorhythm?

Biorhythm chart

What if our lives can be mathematically computed? I mean yes, mathematics is a subject that not all of us are fond of. And like you, I myself also once asked questions like, “Will I ever get to use these mathematical equations in my real and everyday life?” and “Do I have to use Algebra when buying from the mall or something?”

Well, of course, that’s just to justify the idea that Mathematics isn’t that much important back in school. But the truth is that it is important and can be applied on our day to day lives. Just like what they did on Biorhythm or Biological Rhythms.

It is believed that our lives are influenced by rhythmic biological cycles. With the use of mathematical formulas, they were able to calculate and graph the cycles and interpret them. Our life is full of ups and downs, right? This is basically the same idea but with this one, they are trying to be specific and accurate with the use of cycles.

These cycles determine the peaks or the good days and troughs which signifies the bad ones.

Most biorhythm models use three cycles:

  • 23-day physical cycle – It focuses on the body’s stamina, health and strength. This cycle is more associated with men.
  • 28-day emotional cycle – Linked with emotions, creativeness and intuition.
  • 33-day intellectual cycle – It corresponds with how we think, judge and concentrate.

Its Brief History

For us to further understand how people from the past discovered Biorhythm and its use, let us dive deeper onto how it began.

During the 19th century, Wilhelm Fliess came to the conclusion that our lives follow a certain cycle. He is the physician and a good friend of Sigmund Freud, the father of modern Psychology. He associated that women follow a 28-day cycle because of the menstrual cycle while men follow the 23-day cycle.

life cycle

But he wasn’t alone.  A Viennese psychology professor named Hermann Swoboda also concluded the same idea in 1904. He believed that people followed a rhythmic cycle hence the reason for the good and bad days.

Moreover, another professor named Alfred Teltscher supported Swoboda’s idea. And said that he found out that his students’ mental ability and alertness follow a 33-day cycle. From then on, more and more people found out about Biorhythms and believed the idea since. Nikolai Parna even wrote the first academic book about Biorhythms entitled, “Rhythm, Life and Creation” in 1923.

The concept of following Biorhythms continued gaining popularity through a series of books during the 1970s. Up to the point where a company named Biorhythm Computers, Inc. decided to come up with their own Biorhythm charts and calculators.

Biorhythm Calculators

Fast forward to today, there are a lot of Biorhythm Calculators that are now readily available on the internet. Some are paid while some are free. It depends on what you prefer to use. But let me tell you, choose the one that would accurately predict your cycle as some calculators aren’t that specific, okay?

This because some are just basing your calculation only on your birthdate which most probably won’t do the trick. However, that isn’t the case for all. Some programs although you have to pay are good at providing you with accurate predictions.

You need an app or a program that would explain to you in detail what the calculation is about. And those that use more information such as your time of birth to provide you with accurate results. You can even match your data with somebody else’s to check for compatibility (or lack thereof).

Just like this program which we have come across called, The Biorhythm that claims to accurately help you see what the future holds for you. If you’re curious to know whether it works or not, be sure to check out our unbiased The BioRhythm Review.

What is the Essence of Knowing Your Life Cycle ?

life path

After knowing all about biorhythm and what it does, we will now come to a question about its usefulness.

Why do we have to know our biorhythm? What impact will it give on my life? Does it change everything? 

Our lives are full of uncertainties, right? We don’t have full control over what might happen tomorrow, next week, next month or even a few years from now. Maybe some of you might say,  “Who cares about that? The most important thing is the present.”

But let me ask you, why do we still make plans? Why do we make efforts on scheduling and planning everything ahead when we don’t know what’s ahead of us?

This gives you a chance to anticipate what’s ahead of you so that when it comes. you’ll be prepared and ready. Moreover, understanding your biorhythm helps you understand yourself. You’ll get to know what is it that you really aspire and what are the things that stress you the most. Here’s an interesting video on this.

Furthermore, it helps in keeping you to stay on track towards your destined path. We may sometimes find ourselves in situations where we feel lost. This is because we were diverted in the wrong direction. What Biorhythm does is to help you find your way back towards the path you were truly meant to walk on.

Now let me ask you again, don’t you want to see what the future holds for you?

Are Biorhythms real?

Some will say that it would depend on your belief. But as for me, I believe that our bodies are controlled by our biological clocks.

brain waves
Bio charts

These are small parts in our brain that send signals to our body. Why do we wake up during the day and sleep at night? And for some, it’s the opposite.

Essentially, our circadian rhythms are a 24-hour cycle in the physiological process of humans.  The word circadian came from the Latin word “circa” which means about, and “Diem” meaning day.

But to cut it short, our circadian biological clocks are the ones responsible for keeping awake or making us feel sleepy.

Basically, our body works through cycles. This concept is what drive professors and psychologists to discover biorhythms.

So technically, these are not just based on the alignment of stars, the lines in your palms and whatnot. Biorhythm is a theory based on how our lives are affected physically, emotionally and mentally. So if you’re going to ask me if it is real. I’d pretty much say yes.

Bottom Line

There may be days when we feel as if everything is going well and there are some days when we wake up on the wrong side of the bed. But that’s totally okay. Life isn’t supposed to be perfect all the time. The moments where we feel happy or sad always teach us something.

better life

Knowing and understanding your life cycle won’t necessarily make it always perfect. It doesn’t magically transform your day according to what you want. But what biorhythms does is to prepare you to accept that there are some happenings that are way beyond our control. So, when that time comes, you’ll be ready to face life’s challenges whatever they may be.

Moreso, biorhythms help us to further understand ourselves better so we can become better versions of ourselves. We will know our weaknesses and how we can improve them.

Bottom line is that at end of the day, it is still our choice on whether to believe in predictions like astrology, horoscope, palm reading and any other pseudoscience. Anyway like what I’ve said, these are just merely predictions and calculations. They are not always accurate.

Except if you’re like me who always want to analyze things and find out the meaning behind someone’s action or character, then who cares about what others think? Lol, just kidding. But seriously, these kind of predictions are basically just guides to help us get through life. These are not in any way meant to change your life drastically but rather gives you some sort of advice to conquer it.

Furthermore, these shouldn’t be the basis of one’s character. Remember, knowing and understanding your own biorhythm chart doesn’t define you as a whole 🙂


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