How music affects your investments

Music affects life in different ways. Inspires dreams, it gives energy during exercise, helps you relax, and motivates. It all depends on our mood. There is therefore nothing surprising in the fact that music may very well help us perform better and better transactions.

The relationship between music and our cognitive functions is widely recognized. Music supports the process of reading and literary skills, understanding of time and space, mathematical ability and emotional intelligence. It is also said that music relieves pain, reduces blood pressure and increases the resistance. What more could an investor want?

Music and work

In this article we discuss how music affects the carrying out of the transaction. It should be remembered that in this case, correlation does not necessarily imply a causal relationship! Music is absolutely no substitute for replacement commercial skills to be constantly developed. However, one may be tempted to conclude that listening to music has a positive effect on the transaction in five ways.

Listening to music reduces stress

If you plan to be a great trader, you must be able to deal with emotions. The realization of how we respond to stress, is one of the best ways to do to deal with it. Listening to music while carrying out commercial transactions reduces stress enough that it allows you to concentrate on performing the right actions at the right time. Music also helps in the fight against the negative bias, allowing you to focus on the positive experience. Not always easy to trigger a positive attitude, which calm the mind and strengthened the analysis of the economic calendar. So try to improve your mood, including your favorite song.

Listening to music improves thinking

Research shows that the brain develops much faster data while listening to the right music (in this case, Mozart). Processing speed a measure of the effectiveness of cognitive, which combines the speed and fluidity of tasks is extremely important for traders, who must constantly juggle a wide range of data, indicators, etc., To open or close the position. To run multitasking, traders must be vigilant and assertive. Listening to your favorite songs is a great patent for an even better performance in this area.

Listening to music improves concentration

Medical studies have shown a close link between listening to music and the increased level of concentration. According to a study conducted at the Medical University Stanford: "[M] usic involved brain areas associated with concentration of attention, memory and the ability to anticipate."

In the course of transactions in the financial markets is very important, increased attention and appropriately respond quickly to the latest developments, new trends, and other factors that may affect the financial results. This study clearly indicates that music in the background helps concentration and responsiveness.

Music helps memory

The research also shows that listening to music, especially classical music, improves the ability to recall information. This effect is so immediate that the researchers could pinpoint the types of music, having the strongest effect on memory. Investors who want to remember the concepts of financial theory and strategy should learn them, listening to a particular piece of music. This way is much easier and faster to remind yourself what you want, "recreating" the song in my head!

Music makes that trade brings more joy

You do not need science to this point easily prove. Commerce (and probably most things in life) brings much more fun when accompanied by the music coming somewhere in the background. People listen to music when I work, clean up, learn, train and direct the car. Why trade would be different? The pleasant experience with investing, the greater the motivation to act.

Wrap yourself in music!

The music itself, of course, does not improve the financial results, but certainly relieves stress and cut off from the everyday problems that often stand in the way of success. Listening to music improves concentration, increases productivity and relaxes. Under enormous pressure prevailing in the financial markets, these elements can decide whether to generate a profit, or you clear your account.

If you decide to experiment with music, start to go very slowly. Make sure you hear all the alerts and whether the program for music playback does not slow down the CPU in your computer. Perhaps it would be better to listen to music from your phone, tablet or other device, independent of the place of your work.