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Financial freedom - 6 steps to Achieve it

Recently, many think about financial freedom and financial independence ... Why? Because from an early age, I tried to act in such a way to build capital, which will allow me to achieve it. One of the key principles in my life not to work for money. I wish they worked for me. When I look after their friends often see as we all rush in the rat race to earn more and more ... Just what? Earn more they spend more. The problem arises when it is weaker month. Because suddenly it turns out that you need a loan ... Is rich is the one who earns 10 thousand zl, or the one that earns 3 thousand? For me, the key is not how much one who earns and how much are his assets. I decided to make a quick entry - 6 Steps to Financial Independence.

Think more broadly than others - cross the comfort zone

The first step to getting rich - it's a change of mind. If we can dream of something can also be achieved. Let us remember, however, that the basic principle that dreams do not come true - dreams come true! Rather than complain and blame your life on fate, state, friends, work, boss, etc. Take matters into your own hands! In every moment of your life you can make a difference - you only need to want it. Remember that the human mind likes to laziness, the worst is to start or try something new. Recently I was offered the show on TV, frightening was that the declarations had the presence of 30 minutes. Warsaw far - more than 500km, and I at 17:00 gets an email that nagrywka is at 7:00 am the next day. And what's next? I thought - damn! after all, I focus on excuses rather than on what opportunities entails television. I decided to take a chance and try it - it was awesome experience! I begrudge if I did not. It is easy to talk about motivation, development, but when opportunity knocks at our door, not everyone has the BALLS to open them. I also thought for a moment - why do I need it? However, my "support group" work fast motivated me so much that I went, I moved her comfort zone - and you know what? It was worth it!

Additional income

When you change something in your head and our motivation is raging, there are the same new business opportunities. At the beginning it is worthwhile to look for additional income, then the income translate into a major. The most important thing is to not start several projects at once! First let's do one project well zautomatyzujmy it and only then let's take the following businesses. If once we start a few things to ensure you do not finish the no and nothing will change in your life. Start with small steps, check out effective ways to make money, and then press down with hooves and go to a new level with your business!

Earn money while you sleep - passive income

What is passive income? Basically this is the kind of income that we are at zero or minimal commitment of time. That's my definition because Internetach we can meet a few. What does it actually mean? WHAT do we mean by passive income? I understand it so that if you stand up or lying ... x zl due. Or otherwise. There are also additional perks that we derive from the mere possession of money - for example, gains on investments, interest on bonds, etc.

Financial independence

The next step is the level of financial independence. This is the level where our passive income equal to the level of our costs. Read - live without a job, only the same savings. Independence is the stage where we can start other businesses, develop their passions and spend more time with loved ones. For me the stage of financial independence is the stage in which we gain the most precious thing in the world - TIME. Financial independence is the stage to which I aspire, and my goal "before 30stka." Will you succeed? In a few years I will show up, but I think I'm on the right track. Art of Getting Rich, financial independence and financial freedom is a way of thinking, proper habits and strong motivation and hunger for success. If you have - you reach it!

Automate your business - financial freedom

Financial freedom and passive income are ways of earning and fortune, in which we no longer work. That is why it is important to automate the business. Whether it is a traditional business, in which "we put the appropriate manager" who does all things with us. Or is it a modern business - the Internet, where most of the things happening itself - landing pages, relevant mailings, diagrams and procedures. Business in the XXI century is a business that is evolving, who does not grow and does not match that on current trends the curls. The calculation is simple - automate your business, so as to generate money for you, work for you and, above all, you earned the most valuable currency in the world - time.

Duplicate the proven schemes - thought and Grow Rich!

It is said that a successful person and sufficiently rich person is one who built a business, lost everything, and rose from the ashes to build something even greater. I think the same, but bankruptcy is not always throw in this scheme. It generally is that if you build a business that automate it, we are able to duplicate this action and build a few. Good example of scaled business is McDonald's - each of the units is the same, everyone has a profitable way to develop revenue, everything happens the same way every burger looks identical, and in each of the chips we have thrown the same amount of salt? Is this a coincidence or a perfect business model based on duplicate procedures? Think and Grow Rich. However, before proceeding to action plan everything. Why?